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Monad and Duad, The Power of One and Two

“(The following outline of the Pythagorean numbers is a paraphrase of the writings of Nicomachus, Theon of Smyrns, …, Aristotle, and other early authorities.)
“Monad – 1 – is so called because it always remains in the same condition—that is, separate from multitude.Its attitudes are as follows: It is called mind, because it is stable. … It is both male and female; odd and even; … God because it is the beginning and end of of all. …
“The following symbolic names were given to the duad – 2 – because it has been divided, and is two rather than one: … genius, evil, darkness, inequality, instability, … matter, indefinite. While the monad is the symbol of wisdom, the duad is the symbol of ignorance. … The Pythagoreans revered the monad but despised the duad, because it was the symbol of polarity.” ~Manly P Hall

Monad and Duad

The number one represents unity, God, the All because it is a single unit. Two, on the other hand, represents the world of duality where male is separate from female, hot from cold, light from dark, positive from negative. If you read that carefully, you should get one important fact from it: God is not male or female. God is beyond such distinctions of duality because He is Unity.

The Monad

The attributes the ancients wise men assigned to the monad tell us a lot about the true nature of the universe, of God, and of reality.

First, it “remains in the same condition”. In other words, the world of spirit is a world that doesn’t change. God doesn’t get bigger, older, grow a beard or any of the other silly things often depicted. God doesn’t get cancer or have a heart attack. God just is. The same now as a million years ago. And the same is true of his world.

The Monad is mind in the sense that the mind of God being the one the creates all THAT IS REAL, and therefore all that is real (spirit) remains part of the Monad, part of God. Continue reading “Monad and Duad, The Power of One and Two”

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Dreams, Their Value and Meaning for the Spiritual Student

“[The student’s] dreams, hitherto confused and haphazard, now begin to assume a more regular character. … He can discern in them law, cause, and effect. The content, too, of his dreams is changed. … There now appears before him pictures of a world he has hitherto not known. … Dreams are distinguished from waking mental activity by the symbolic presentation of what they wish to express. … The more regulated dreams of esoteric students whose etheric body has began its development retain this symbolic method of representation. … They are mingled with similar pictures expressing things and events of another world. … Yet no true mystic will ever make his experiences in dreams the basis of any authoritative account of the higher world.” ~Rudolf Steiner


There are several kinds of dreams. First, we have to distinguish night dreams from day dreams.

Day Dreams

In daydreaming, there is essentually two kinds. The most common is just allowing the mind to wander off subject, such as when you are sitting in a boring class. The other type is where you get a sudden glimpse of something. It may be a warning of something that is about to happen. Or it may be that thoughts of someone nearby triggered it. Since they may be warnings, they should not be ignored. Of course, if you standing on dry land, and get a flash of yourself drowning, you don’t need to grab a life vest. It is either a warning of a future event, or a symbolic representation of something.

Night Dreams

Nighttime dreams are even more complicated. There significance can change depending on when they happen, what you had to eat in the evening, and what state of mind you were in when you went to sleep.

Dreams that happen in the middle of the night are usually about the present time. They may be a warning about something you are not aware of, or they may be trying to answer a problem you have. For example, you may have a health issue beginning to develop in you that you are not aware of. The dream may be trying to warn of that. Unfortunately, it will probably do so in symbolic fashion that may be difficult to understand. Having a good dream dictionary is always a good idea.

The dreams you have just before waking are usually the most significant. They are often about the future and are likely to be prophetic. They may be warnings, or just general guidance. They are almost always symbolic rather than literal. A dream about death, for example, is usually not a warning that you will soon die, but an indication of a significant change coming soon in your life. Continue reading “Dreams, Their Value and Meaning for the Spiritual Student”

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Matter’s End, or Just a Change

“Will matter be destroyed or not?”

“The Savior said, All nature, all formations, all creatures exist in and with one another, and they will be resolved again into their own roots. For the nature of matter is resolved into the roots of its own nature alone. … ‘That is why you become sick and die, for you are deprived of the one who can heal you. … Matter gave birth to a passion that has no equal; which proceeded from something contrary to nature.’ … Beware that no one lead you astray saying Lo here, lo there! For the Son of Man is within you. Follow after Him.” Bernard Simon(quoting in part from the Akhmin codes)

Matter’s End

Jesus didn’t answer the question with a simple Yes or No. That’s because it is a complicated idea that depends in some ways on you. If you are a materialist who thinks nothing exists beyond the material then from your point of view it will be destroyed. In reality, however, it won’t. Matter will be simply transformed back into its original state as spirit. Back to its root, as Jesus said. Matter’s end is really matter’s rebirth.

Within Each Other

“All creatures exist with and within one another.” A very meaningful statement. First, it doesn’t separate humans from the rest of the world. Although we certainly are special, we are still part of the physical world and one with all life in this world, whether we realize it or not. The idea that we were put here to conquer and destroy all other living beings on earth is just sick. Satan is master of destruction, not God.

But how do we exist “within” each other. That’s where things get really complex. First, many spiritual schools say that us humans are responsible for the other life forms we share this realm with. Responsible in the sense that they take forms based on our thoughts. Not only forms, but their behavior is controlled by our thoughts. This is why Jesus and many prophets warn that it is not just our actions, but also our thoughts that matter. Thought is energy and energy does work.

Sickness and Death

We suffer sickness and death because we don’t understand our own nature. We don’t realize how much our own thoughts, and those of others, contribute. When we feel we have misbehaved and subconsciously believe we need to be punished, we allow disease to enter us. The same thing happens when we get angry with ourselves. And when we do things that make others angry with us, we are weakened by the negative thought energy they send our way because of it.

But even with total control or our thoughts, and those of others, we would still grow old and die. That is because it is the very nature of the temporary physical realm that all things in it change, age, and die. That is why the only solution is to become spiritual. The we can help in transforming our world back to its original state in which there is no death and no disease. Matter’s End is the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.

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Spiritual Evolution Begins when Selfishness and Dogmatism Ends

“It has been my duty to crush, to overcome by successive lessons your obedience to your dogmatic, materialistic earth philosophy. And bring your mind to comprehend that life that life on earth’s surface is only a step towards a brighter existence, which may, when selfishness is conquered, in a time to come, be gained by mortal man, and while he is in the flesh. The vicissitudes through which you have recently passed should be to you an impressive lesson, but the future holds for you a lesson far more important, the knowledge of spiritual, or mental evolution which man may yet approach. … That change will not occur until you have been further educated in the purely occult secrets for which I have partly prepared you.” ~John Uri Lloyd


The biggest deterrent to real spiritual evolution is not atheism but dogmatic devotion to unproven religious teachings. Teachings that can never be proven because they are simply not true. Yet popular churches, often under the direction of governments, continue to teach them. Naturally, they also teach that questioning such beliefs is blasphemy.

A good example of this is the millions who worship Jesus as God rather than as Messiah. When someone called Jesus “Good Master,” he turned to the man and said, “Do not call me good. Only the Father in Heaven is good.” Doesn’t that mean Jesus was saying that he was not God, but the Son of God, Christ the Messiah?

In the book the quote comes from, Mr. Lloyd has a teacher taking a man around in spiritual realms and teaching him. An important part of what is taught is that much of what we believe and accept is simply not true. And you will not see the truth if you continue to cling to false beliefs. As Oriental teachers put it, “I cannot refill your cup until you first empty it.” In other words, truth cannot reveal itself to you when it is blocked by the filters of false beliefs. Continue reading “Spiritual Evolution Begins when Selfishness and Dogmatism Ends”