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“The Christiandom that is in Babel, striving about the manner how men ought to serve God, and glorify Him, also how they are to know Him, and what He is in essence and Will. … But a Christian is of no Sect: he can dwell in the midst of sects, and appear in their services, without being attached or bound to any. He hath but one knowledge, and that is Christ in him. He seeketh but one Way, which is the desire always to do and teach that which is right; and he putteth all his knowing and willing into the Life of Christ.
“He sigheth and wisheth continually that the Will of God might be done in him, and that His Kingdom might be manifested in him. … His faith is a desire after God and Goodness.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Babel Christian

What Boehme calls the Babel Christians are those who worship Jesus rather than following his teachings. We see this in many of the larger Christian churches and sects, but especially in the Evangelical Christians. These people have strayed nearly as far from the original teachings as is possible. Yet they not only still call themselves Christians, but insist they are the only real Christians.

These Christians confuse good deeds done on a material level with doing the work of God. They think that by attending church regularly, giving to the church, dressing modestly, and so on, that they are on the express train to Heaven. Not only are they not on the express train, they aren’t even heading in the right direction.

What Jesus and his real apostles taught was a development of our spiritual faculties. It is good to be a nice person on a material level, but that isn’t enough. Heaven is a spiritual realm and you must develop spiritually if you are to ever get their.

The True Christian

The true Christian, Boehme tells us, is one who belongs to no sect. In the time of Boehme, this was true as it is today. That wasn’t always the case. In the early years of Christianity, there were Gnostic groups and mystery schools that did follow the true path. Those who joined and followed these groups were true Christians. That even include the Essenes who were around for many years before Jesus was born.

The point Boehme is making, I believe, is that the true Christian follows the teaching of Jesus rather than those of a particular church or school. He also learns of God and the spiritual worlds by developing his spiritual self and “visiting” spiritual realms while practicing spiritual development techniques. He find Truth by becoming one with it, rather than have another tell him what it is. And he worships God, and God alone, and not teachers or prophets sent by God to teach.

Manifest Kingdom

The True Christian wants God’s Kingdom to be manifest in him, says Boehme. This does not mean that the Kingdom is hidden deep within ourselves as some teach. It means that we must seek to join with and becoming part of that kingdom of God which is with and without. It is spiritual so it is everywhere and every-when. The True Christian becomes part of that Kingdom by awakening and developing his spirit and soul, for flesh does not inherit the Kingdom.


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