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“There is such a great harmony and unity in nature that every superior power sends its rays through intermediary links down to the lowest, and the most inferior thing may rise up through the scale to the highest. Thus the lowest is connected with the highest comparable to a string of a musical instrument, which vibrates in its whole length if touched at one end. If the lower is acted on it reacts upon the higher. …
“The hidden powers may accomplish a great deal, because they are the properties of the form to which they belong; but the elementary (mechanical or physical) forces, being material, require a great deal of matter to produce great effects upon matter.” ~Cornelius Agrippa

Harmony in Nature

Many would disagree with Agrippa regarding the harmony of nature, and rightfully so. When we look around us, we don’t see a great deal of harmony. We see creature killing creature for food. There are men fighting wars for foolish reasons. We see hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Yet if we look at nature as a total, there is a great deal of harmony to it. It has structure and rules. It is not random, as some claim. If nature were random, a chicken could give birth to a crocodile, and a frog could suddenly began flying. But nature isn’t random, though it isn’t completely harmonious either.

If you consider that Agippa may have been including the spiritual worlds as part of what he called “nature,” it makes more sense to call it harmonious. And the higher the level, the more perfect and harmonious it is. Which is why the idea that a person could climb to the highers level called Heaven simply by dropping dead is nonsense.

Superior Powers Sending Rays Down

It is an intriguing choice of words Agrippa used here. The superior powers, by which he must mean the Angels, the Beings of Light, and God Himself, sends their “rays” through intermediaries down to the lowest levels of reality.

First, he is telling us indirectly that the power (grace) that comes from those superior powers is a form of Light. What else travels in rays? Second, the need for these rays to travel downwards through intermediaries tells us that the complete universe has many levels, many dimensions. That, of course, is true. The levels of matter are at the low end, while the spiritual levels are higher. If you prefer, you can think of it like the layers of an onion. The material world is the center layers, and the spiritual is the outer ones.

So God and the angels don’t go directly down to the lower levels themselves anymore that the CEO of Waste Management personally drive a garbage truck. The superior powers send down that light through various levels that eventually reach us through the sun. More specifically, that higher Light come to us through the Spiritual Sun which is associated with the physical sun. And in our times, that light is increasing.

That increase in Divine Light is raising our frequencies as in Agrippa’s analogy of the vibrating string. That powerful Light travels down and helps us to vibrate at a higher frequency. Unfortunately, though, its effect is limited if we don’t pay attention to it and absorb it intentionally. All people are benefiting to a small degree from this increase in Spiritual Light. Those who intentionally take that Light into their eyes and into their entire being get at least ten, perhaps a hundred times as much benefit as those who don’t.

Spiritual Accomplishment

Agrippa says this spiritual Light or Power can accomplish far more than physical or material power. He is saying that it takes far less of spiritual power to accomplish a task as it would if done entirely on a material level. This is why great changes in the world always start on the spiritual level, as do many lesser accomplishments.

As an example of what he means, think of matter as a pot of water, and spirit as fire. You can heat the water by stirring it very rapidly, but it will take a lot of time and effort to do so. That is because it is all being done on the material level.

Now set a fire under that pot of water, and the spiritual heat makes the water hot much faster and with less effort. That is the power of spirit at work. So if you truly want to change the world for the better, awaken and start using your spiritual faculties.


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