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“When summer draws near and the sun rises higher, it draws the moisture out of the earth through the roots, and through the trunks of the trees, into the twigs; and hence comes foliage, flower, and fruit.
“So likewise, when Christ the Eternal Sun rises and ascends, so that it is summer in the adornment of our virtues, He gives His Light and His heat to our desires, and draws the heart from all the multiplicity of earthly things, and brings about unity and inwardness; and makes the heart grow and bring fourth the leaves of inward love, the flowers or ardent devotion, and the fruits of thanksgiving and praise, and makes these fruits to endure eternally.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Summer Sun

I’m not sure science would agree with Ruysbroeck about the sun drawing the moisture from the roots of the tree up into the branches. Nonetheless, it makes a good allegory for how the spiritual sun affect our spirit and soul, which Ruysbroeck calls the “heart”.

It is true that the days are longer in the summer, and the sun shines brighter in the summer (generally). Also, we are more willing to go out into the sun, whether practicing sungazing techniques or not, in the warm spring and summer weather than we are in winter. Since the days are longer, it also gives us more opportunities to get out in the sun.

Even people who do not practice sun-gazing tend to feel better in sunlight. Sunshine makes us happy. A lack of it causes the condition knows as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a form of depression. But as important as sunlight is to the physical body, the light of the Spiritual Sun is even more important to the spirit and soul.

Summer Sun of the Soul

The sunlight that comes to us from the Spiritual Sun can awaken our spirit and soul from the coma-like sleep they are in when we are born on the material plane. It awakens them and continue to nourish them once awakened. But this awakening doesn’t happen automatically. The light of the Spiritual Sun shines on everyone, but only the few who attune themselves too it get any significant amount of that Light into their spirit. If you are not trying to absorb that light, most of it just passes through you and has little effect. Especially if little, if any, of that light reaches the eyes. The eyes truly are the windows of the soul, but that is mostly because the spirit and soul are awakened by that spiritual light coming into the eyes.

Just as it is easier to do sungazing with the physical sun in summer than in winter, the same is true with the spiritual sun. We are more willing to go outdoors in warm weather to catch the sun. But we really need to practice spiritual sun-gazing year round. When possible, we need to get that spiritual light into our eyes regularly throughout the year.

Always Summer

The good news is that, when it comes to the Spiritual Sun, it is always a summer sun. The Spiritual Sun is not restricted by space and time. While it best to look toward the physical sun (not directly at it) to get that spiritual Light, you can get it on cloudy days, and even after the physical sun has set. Such techniques, however, are best done only by the more4 advanced spiritual adepts. Most of us should try to do our spiritual sungazing and physical sungazing at the same time.

“If man can but understand that the Sun, which nourishes and sustains the world, is made in the image of God, Which is Light, then he is at the beginning of understanding.” ~Gene Savoy


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