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Small Vessel Holding Great Light and Wisdom

“Accordingly, the Son came to the servant; not that the Son might be presented by the servant, but that by the Son the servant might present to his Lord Priesthood and Prophecy. For Priesthood and prophecy which were given through Moses, were handed down, both of them, and reached to Simon. For he was a pure vessel, who sanctified himself that he might be like Moses, capable for both of them. There are small vessels which are capable for great gifts. These are gifts for which one is capable, by reason of their grace; yet many are not capable, by reason of their greatness. … Priesthood continued on the hands of Simeon, because of his purification; and prophecy dwelt in operation upon his lips, because of revelations.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

The Son Came to the Servant

This is a phrase with great meaning. The Son came to the servant of God. He did not come to the one who denied God. Neither did he appear to the one who blasphemed against God. He didn’t even appear to those who create gods in their own image rather than learning of the true God. Only to the one who was willing to be a faithful servant of the True God did he appear.

He appeared to that servant to help train him and prepare him for the tasks ahead. The tasks of being priest and prophet for the real God, and not a spinner of tales about false, man-made gods.

Priest and Prophet

It must be noted that “priest and prophet” in the quote means something different than what it used to. To most people today, a priest is a servant of an officially approved church, and his purpose is to teach the doctrine of that church. He does not advise truth seekers where to look. Instead, these priests and ministers tell those that seek that seeking is unnecessary for he will tell them all they need to know.

The real priests and prophets do welcome seekers of truth. In fact, they encourage them. They encourage people to have an open mind and often provide training to help them get there. They do not tell people the truth, accept on a basic level, but instead teach the seekers to turn to the source of that truth, God. In short, they are spiritual teachers more than priests or ministers as those titles are used today. Continue reading “Small Vessel Holding Great Light and Wisdom”

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Solar Age of Spirit and Higher Consciousness

“At the time when the sun was still united both with the earth and the moon, neither plants nor animals nor human beings existed as we know them today. In fact, only a plant kingdom existed then but under totally different conditions from our own. This kingdom preserved a particular connection with the forces of the sun. …

“Just as the earth, the moon and the sun were united at the beginning of earth evolution and will again be united at the end. … The period which preceded the lunar one is referred to as solar. At this time of evolution everything was pure solar life. …

“After our earthly period of clear physical consciousness, a fifth condition will dawn of conscious astral imagination. … Finally, a period … which corresponds to the highest state of consciousness which can be attained by an initiate.” ~Rudolf Steiner

United Solar Age

Fist, I apologize for jumping all over in making the quote above. I needed to extract the most important parts of what would have been a 700 word quote if I didn’t cut out a lot of it.

I think when Steiner says that the sun, moon and earth were united in this earlier age, he means it in a physical way. But whether he means physical, or not, what is important is the spiritual side of it. Even if they were separated physically, they could have been united on a spiritual level. Like many other stories of this sort, we need to look at it’s allegorical meaning as well as the literal.

Allegorically, Steiner is indirectly saying that this period when the sun, moon, and earth were united was a much more spiritual age than our current one of dense matter. It this time, the celestial bodies would have been more like region of concentrated energy rather than lumps of matter. Only the sun still retains much of that ancient form. Continue reading “Solar Age of Spirit and Higher Consciousness”

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Individual Souls and the All-Soul They Come From

“The soul: what dubious questions concerning it admit of solution. … An inquiry illuminates two grave questions: of what sphere the soul is the principle, and whence the soul itself springs. …
“Our general instinct to seek and learn, our longing to possess ourselves of whatsoever is lovely in the vision will, in all reason, set us inquiring into the nature of the instrument with which we search. … How some things rather than others come to be the receptacles of the divine beings will need to be examined. … But it is admitted that all souls are alike and are entities; clearly soul is not subject to part in the sense in which magnitudes are.” ~Plotinus

A Piece of Soul

The basic question Plotinus is arguing here is this: is the human soul a complete individual entity, or is it just a small piece of one great soul.

When it comes to physical bodies, it is a simple thing. Each person is an individual. Each dog is an individual. So is every flower and turnip and frog. But a rock can be an individual and also part of a mountain. A pebble can be an individual, and also part of the beach. And the flower can still be an individual even if it is just a small part of a great garden.

The question regarding the soul is somewhat different, though. We understand that the garden is a collection of many plants, not an individual thing. Likewise, the beach is a collection of many sand pebbles, not an individual thing. But the All-Soul is considered an individual thing, so can can our souls be a part of it?

While Plotinus makes a good argument against the idea that our individual souls are just a part of the All-Soul, he does so using logic that applies only to the world of matter. He argues that if the individual souls of men were pieces of the All-Soul, then the All-Soul would be diminished by their existence. After all, if you cut a branch off a tree, the tree is lesser for it. But such rules do not apply to spiritual things, especially the All-Soul.

Individual Souls

The human soul can be individual and still be part of the All-Soul. That is possible because it is spirit, not matter. Just as a hologram can be cut in several pieces, yet each piece will contain the entire picture, the All-Soul can send forth pieces of itself, yet not be diminished in the least by doing so. It is more like giving birth to offspring than breaking apart into many pieces.

But even though those human souls are individuals, they remain linked to the All-Soul. Because of that, a fully awakened human soul (the true meaning of being born again) is capable of knowing all that the All-Soul knows.

An Awakened Soul

Where Plotinus and others may get confused regarding the soul is in not recognizing that humans have two of them. We have a mundane soul that is associated with the body and mind and is not connected in any way to the All-Soul. We also have a Divine Soul which is connected to the All-Soul, and the All-Soul is it’s source.

While both are individual souls, one is also part of the overall soul that Plotinus calls the All-Soul. When we are born on the material plane, this Divine Soul is dormant, inactive. In order to be one with God, one with the All-Soul, we have to awaken it. Once awakened, it must be “nourished” regularly, This is done with the Light of the Spiritual Sun. Only then do our individual souls become an active part of the All-Soul, yet remain individuals.

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Superior Powers and the Harmony of Nature

“There is such a great harmony and unity in nature that every superior power sends its rays through intermediary links down to the lowest, and the most inferior thing may rise up through the scale to the highest. Thus the lowest is connected with the highest comparable to a string of a musical instrument, which vibrates in its whole length if touched at one end. If the lower is acted on it reacts upon the higher. …
“The hidden powers may accomplish a great deal, because they are the properties of the form to which they belong; but the elementary (mechanical or physical) forces, being material, require a great deal of matter to produce great effects upon matter.” ~Cornelius Agrippa

Harmony in Nature

Many would disagree with Agrippa regarding the harmony of nature, and rightfully so. When we look around us, we don’t see a great deal of harmony. We see creature killing creature for food. There are men fighting wars for foolish reasons. We see hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Yet if we look at nature as a total, there is a great deal of harmony to it. It has structure and rules. It is not random, as some claim. If nature were random, a chicken could give birth to a crocodile, and a frog could suddenly began flying. But nature isn’t random, though it isn’t completely harmonious either.

If you consider that Agippa may have been including the spiritual worlds as part of what he called “nature,” it makes more sense to call it harmonious. And the higher the level, the more perfect and harmonious it is. Which is why the idea that a person could climb to the highers level called Heaven simply by dropping dead is nonsense.

Superior Powers Sending Rays Down

It is an intriguing choice of words Agrippa used here. The superior powers, by which he must mean the Angels, the Beings of Light, and God Himself, sends their “rays” through intermediaries down to the lowest levels of reality.

First, he is telling us indirectly that the power (grace) that comes from those superior powers is a form of Light. What else travels in rays? Second, the need for these rays to travel downwards through intermediaries tells us that the complete universe has many levels, many dimensions. That, of course, is true. The levels of matter are at the low end, while the spiritual levels are higher. If you prefer, you can think of it like the layers of an onion. The material world is the center layers, and the spiritual is the outer ones. Continue reading “Superior Powers and the Harmony of Nature”