Great Light

“Egypt was a land destined for greatness; its people should have led all others towards the Great light. Egypt failed in its destiny because those who were entrusted with power and position proved unworthy. Its kings, who should have reared families dedicated to goodness and inspiration; betrayed their trust to satisfy the weaknesses of men. … The priesthood become corrupt when it offered  a life of ease and abundance instead of a life of service and austerity. The ideals of men were above reproach, but man himself was unworthy of them. … The sacred lore of Egypt, enshrining the treasure of the ages, was possessed by only a select few who safeguarded it as nothing else has ever been guarded, because of its greatness.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:1:13)

Great Light in Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a land where the Great Light was known, at least to some. There is ample evidence of this in the art and writings of those times. Egypt even had some pharaohs who were true believers that did all they could to keep the truth alive, while protecting it from those who would abuse such knowledge.

But as with other civilizations, Egypt was eventually taken over by materialism and the dark forces that support it. Fortunately, they passed the Great Light on to others before it dimmed too much in their land.

The Great Light in Other Lands

The early Greeks had many connections with Egypt. Much of it was commerce, but not all. There were exchanges of ideas, especially spiritual ones. In short, many Greek priests and philosophers were taught in the great schools of ancient Egypt. They too learned about the Great Light, where to find it, and how to use it. Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and many other great from the Golden Age of Greece either were taught by Egyptian holy men, or by other Greek philosophers who were taught by the Egyptians.

The Greeks, in turn, shared their knowledge with true seekers from other lands, primarily Rome. It is not a coincidence that Roman gods and myths are so similar to those of Greece.

The Great Light awakened people in other lands as well. China, Japan, the British Isles, Hawaii and many others have historical evidence that such knowledge was taught in their spiritual schools at some time in the past.

The Great Light Today

The Great Light the Kolbrin Bible speaks of is still shining. In fact, it shine brighter now than in many centuries. Yet few notice it. Many feel that the world is changing, but they often think of that change in physical terms. Changes often occur first on a spiritual level, then move down to the physical. That is true in this case.

The Great Light of the Sun of Righteousness came to us decades ago, but on a purely spiritual level. That light of the spiritual sun is having an effect on the physical sun and is changing it slowly. More importantly, that Light is helping to awaken the sleeping souls of men who are ready for that awakening. Only a small percentage of people have been awakened so far, but as that sun grows stronger, more and more will be awakened by the Great Light.

We can resist this awakening or help it. We resist by hiding from the sun and practicing materialism. We aid the process by taking is sunlight, especially from the spiritual sun, ad resisting the rampant materialism and greed.

So make your choice. Collect great piles of material possessions that will be left behind when you dies, or gather into your spirit and soul the Great Light that awakens.


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