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Cosmogonies and Teachers of Righteousness

“The founders of the great cosmogonies did not give mankind these teachings from some vague feeling. They gave them for the good reason that they were initiates. Out of their knowledge dis they shape the moral teachings. They knew how these would act upon the finer nature of man, and desired that their followers should gradually achieve the development of this finer nature. … Self-perfection is by no means self-seeking, for the imperfect man is an imperfect servant of the world and of humanity. The more perfect a man is, the better does he serve the world.
“The founders of the great cosmogonies are therefore the great initiates. Their teaching flow into the souls of men, and thus, with humanity, the whole world moves forward. Quite consciously did they work to further this evolutionary process of humanity.” ~Rudolf Steiner

The Great Cosmogonies

Whether we are talking about the founders of great schools of philosophy like Pythagoras and Plato, or the founders of great religions like Jesus and Buddha, it is clear to those who are real students of spirituality that they were initiates. I don’t know what school, if any, Buddha belonged to, but it is fairly clear now that Jesus was a member of the Essenes. Some of them came here as initiates already, yet studied under existing schools to give legitimacy to their teachings.

But why call these schools cosmogonies? They are cosmogonies because they deal with the true origins of the universe, the dimensions of matter, and the dimensions of spirit. These people didn’t limit themselves to studying only the third dimension as most scientists do, so didn’t come to false conclusions that don’t explain the rest of reality. They are cosmogonies because they delve deeply into the origins of matter, the universe, and man. In so doing, they show us the path to returning to the realm of spirit where death and destruction do not exist. Continue reading “Cosmogonies and Teachers of Righteousness”