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“The Incorporeal governs the Corporeal, and is, therefore, present everywhere, although not as space, but in power. The corporeal existence of things cannot hinder the incorporeal from being present to such things as it desires to enter into relation with. The Soul has therefore the power to extend her activity to any locality she may desire. She is a power which has no limits, and each part of her, being independent of special conditions, can be present everywhere, provided she is pure and unadulterated with matter. Things do not act upon each other merely by the contact of the corporeal forms, but also at a distance, provided they have a soul, because the higher elements of the soul are everywhere.” ~Porphyry

Traveling Soul

Porphyry says the soul can extent her activities to any location. This is true, in a sense. Actually, since the soul is pure spirit, and spirit is not limited by time and space, the soul is always everywhere. At least, the awakened soul is. But just as we can focus our attention on one thing, or in one direction, so can the spirit and soul.

If, for some reason, the soul wanted to know what was happening on the moon, it would simply concentrate on that location, and know. If it wanted to know what a person living in another country was doing, it could concentrate on that person, and know.

Were science smart enough to use this ability of the soul, we could save a lot of money, yet progress faster. Spiritual persons could describe what was happening on another planet without having to send rockets. And if it is necessary to send rockets, a spiritual person could “travel” in spirit to the location first so the crew would know what to expect and be ready for.

Independent Soul

I think when Porphyry says the soul is “independent of special conditions,” he means independent of the control of matter. Time and space do not limit the soul. Gravity does not slow it down. Inertia does not prevent it from turning on a dime. Nothing limits how fast the traveling soul can move or where it can go.

Distant Contact

It’s fascinating that a Philosopher from nearly 2,000 years ago recognized that through the spiritual faculties, objects could affect each other at a distance. They did not have to actually be in physical contact. That traveling soul could make the contact happen instantly at ay distance.

Only recently has science found that subatomic particles can be linked together making them twins of a sort. These twin particles can then be separated any distance at all, and yet they remain linked. With these linked particles, what happens to one, instantly happens to the other. The ancient mystics understood this many centuries ago as a spiritual concept. They knew that the traveling soul was everywhere so it could affect matter anywhere.

Useful Travel

The traveling soul is not limited to traveling in the realms of matter. The true value of this ability is for it to “travel” to places that are spiritual more than material. To travel into higher dimensions. To travel into the spiritual sun that fills it with nourishing Light that comes from God. While visiting other planets can be fun, or even useful, it is this traveling to spiritual places that is the most useful for the traveling soul.


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