Sun of Life, Sun of Righteousness, Always Shining Sun

“I ask how can you find what you lack? If you lack heat, where can you find it? In the sun. If you lack light, where can you find it/ In the sun. You will say that any burning or heating body gives light. We also have, for example, heat coming from a lit oil lamp, from a candle, or a burning piece of wood. Right, but that heat is secondary. Solar energy is the energy stored in candles, wood and other combustible bodies. … Solar energy represents the most pleasant warmth and the purest light. Primary warmth and light comes from the Sun. …
“Never keep your head facing downward to the ground, as you will connect with the forces of the Earth. … Keep your head up, so that you will connect your thoughts with the forces coming from the Sun.” ~Biensa Douno

Sun Forces

There are many forces coming from the sun. Mr. Douno talks about heat and light, but there is much more than that. Even science recognizes that many types of radiation comes from the sun besides visible light. Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays are also streaming at us from the sun. X-rays, gamma rays, microwaves and other radiation comes to us from the sun. But I believe Douno is speaking of something else.

Spiritual Sun Forces

On what can be considered a more spiritual level, there are other sun forces to deal with. In Cosolargy, they have been given names and you can read ore about them on the Cosolargy website. There are forces that help us grow, spiritually as well as physically. There are counter forces the try to pull us further down into the abyss of matter and destruction.

But on a completely different level, there is a spiritual Sun just as there is a material one. Like everything else in the universe, the sun has a spirit. And that spirit is giving off a different kind of heat. That sun is giving off a different kind of Light. This is the heat and light that awakens the spirit and soul if used correctly. This is the light that true sun gazing is all about.

Intelligence in Sunlight

We also recognize that the light streaming to us from the sun carries within it a kind of intelligence or knowledge. In other words, it is a data carrier. Natural light has been carrying data everywhere long before we had the internet. We refer to this information found in natural light as “Intelligence Factors”.

If that sounds unbelievable to you, that is understandable. It doesn’t fit in with the traditional matter-oriented view of the universe. Yet we now have science backing us up on this. Quantum physicists are now saying that the apparently solid universe is just a big, complex hologram. They further say that the light beams within that hologram are carrying intelligence or data. They figured out something that mystics have been saying for thousands of years.

Keep Your head Up

There are many reasons to keep our heads up and not be looking down all the time. On a social level, looking down all the time gives people the impression that you are depressed, fearful, or anti-social. But Douno is speaking of something else. While he doesn’t mention sun gazing in the quote, it is what he is talking about. But just as there are two suns, there are two kinds of sun gazing. On a superficial level, one can gaze at the physical sun for improved physical health and well being. Using different techniques, however, one can concentrate more on gazing at the spiritual sun and enriching the divine spirit and soul more that just the body. In either case, sun gazing must be practiced with caution. You can seriously damage your eyes if you don’t know how to do it correctly. Doing it incorrectly is what made St. Paul nearly blind. Look up to the physical sun. Also look up to the spiritual sun and the sun forces within.


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