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“The second stream which pours out from that Transcendent Life is a ‘Spiritual Clarity,’ which illuminates the intelligence and shows it all good. This clarity is a new and heightened form of intuition: a lucid understanding, whereby the self achieves clear vision of its own life, and is able to contemplate the sublime richness of the Divine Nature; gazing upon the mystery of the Trinity, and finding everywhere the presence of God. Those who possess the light do not need ecstasies and revelation—sudden up-rushes toward the spiritual world—for their life and being is established in that world, above the life of sense.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Transcendent Life

What Underhill means when she write of a transcendent life is the life of those who have devoted themselves to finding and living spiritual truth. Not those who simply join a church. These are the ones who seek spiritual growth constantly. Perhaps more importantly, they are open to learning that truth, whatever it might be. They do not go into it with preconceived notions of what God is, what angels are, and what the spiritual worlds are like. They realize that descriptions of such things from those who have achieved some degree of enlightenment are limited by human language. So they “empty their cup,” to put it in Zen terms, so it can be filled with something completely new and different.

Spiritual Clarity

There is a spiritual clarity that come with this transcendent life. And this clarity is not limited to only spiritual matters.

With spiritual clarity, one can see through the lies of the business people. They can see through the deceptions of the politicians. They are not taken in by the rantings of the phony preachers. They cannot be tricked into fighting a war when the real purpose of that war is to make the rich richer while keeping the peasants under control. With spiritual clarity, one doesn’t even watch violent movies or television shows knowing that doing so has a negative effect on the psyche.

More importantly, though, they see that the spiritual side of life is far more important than the material. They are not greedy because they see no value in excessive wealth. Instead, they seek enlightenment as, in a sense, the money of the gods. They do not take from others what they have not earned. Nor do they claim ownership of that which they did not create. They may have temporal ownership of a piece of land, but they realize that they are not the true owner.

Mystery of the Trinity

With spiritual clarity, one can truly understand the mystery of the trinity. Not just the Christian trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Not just the Trinity of the Kabbalah with the Father, Mother, and child. Those are just examples of a more general principle. This principle, at least in the material world, means that when the two opposite forces are brought together, something new is created. Man and women together create a child. Wet and dry create a livable world.

Spiritual clarity also allows them to understand that on a higher level, there is no need for a trinity. There is only one true Creator who needs no help from others to create. That creator may have many aspects, but is only one being or one force.

Ecstasies and Revelations

Ms. Underhill says that one who has spiritual clarity has no need for such things as ecstasies and revelations. That is true of the most advanced ones because they are always in a state of revelation. Those of us who haven’t reached such a high state still depend on occasional glimpses from dreams, visions, and revelations.


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