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“God is present in all, even in those who do not recognize Him; but men flee from God, they step out of Him, or, to speak more correctly, out of themselves. They cannot grasp Him before whom they are thus fleeing, and, having lost themselves, they hunt after other gods. But if the soul progresses on the road to perfection, begins to realize her own higher state of existence, to know that the fountain of life is within herself. … She will see herself even as the pure Divine Light itself, as a God, radiant in Beauty, but becoming dark again as her light is rendered heavy if it approaches the shadows of the material plane.” ~Franz Hartmann

God Within and Without

Yes we truly can find God within. We can also find Him without. If God is everywhere, He is within and without and we need to look in both areas to find Him and know Him.

Many men (and women) do flee from God, then complain they can’t find Him. Mr. Hartmann says this is really fleeing from ourselves. What he means is that we are fleeing from our true selves, our spirits and souls, so as to justify excessive involvement in the world of matter. But hiding under the bed doesn’t make the monster go away and hiding in materialism won’t make the spiritual realms go away.

The Soul’s Light

The soul, once awakened, does become full of Divine Light. It does become radiant in beauty. It shines forth in splendor and others are attracted to that light.

Yet, as Mr. Hartmann notes, even an awakened soul can be darkened by the shadows of materialism if it gets too involved in the world of matter. But these “shadows” can be more than the simple shadow we think of.

These “shadows” may be demons and devils who wish to steal that light from us, while at the same time trying to stop us from gaining such light. They enjoy having us trapped in the world of matter where they can control us, enslave us.

So the soul needs to avoid attachments to that shadow world of matter. That is not an easy thing to do. When those around you are all caught up in the short-term joys of matter, and the ever growing desire for more material possessions, it can suck us in like a powerful vacuum. We have to learn to resist those temporary pleasures and attachments. This doesn’t mean we can’t own a house, or a car, or eat in a restaurant occasionally. It means we do such things only out of need without getting caught up in the pursuit of more.

Renewing the Light

The Soul’s Light is still not permanent. Not as long as we are in the material world. We need to replenish it regularly. We do that by taking in Light from the spiritual sun or the Sun of Righteousness. Doing this is not just a matter of looking at the sun. That would bring mostly light from the physical sun, very little from the spiritual. True sun gazing requires looking at the sun in a way that increases dramatically the intake of spiritual Light, while reducing the intake of physical light. Only in that way can the Divine Soul be truly awakened and continuously nourished. And when the Soul’s Light is strong, you can send some of it forth to others to help them awaken to the truth and the need for spiritual development.


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