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Sun Forces and How to Use Them

“I ask how can you find what you lack? If you lack heat, where can you find it? In the sun. If you lack light, where can you find it/ In the sun. You will say that any burning or heating body gives light. We also have, for example, heat coming from a lit oil lamp, from a candle, or a burning piece of wood. Right, but that heat is secondary. Solar energy is the energy stored in candles, wood and other combustible bodies. … Solar energy represents the most pleasant warmth and the purest light. Primary warmth and light comes from the Sun. …
“Never keep your head facing downward to the ground, as you will connect with the forces of the Earth. … Keep your head up, so that you will connect your thoughts with the forces coming from the Sun.” ~Biensa Douno

Sun Forces

There are many forces coming from the sun. Mr. Douno talks about heat and light, but there is much more than that. Even science recognizes that many types of radiation comes from the sun besides visible light. Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays are also streaming at us from the sun. X-rays, gamma rays, microwaves and other radiation comes to us from the sun. But I believe Douno is speaking of something else.

Spiritual Sun Forces

On what can be considered a more spiritual level, there are other sun forces to deal with. In Cosolargy, they have been given names and you can read ore about them on the Cosolargy website. There are forces that help us grow, spiritually as well as physically. There are counter forces the try to pull us further down into the abyss of matter and destruction.

But on a completely different level, there is a spiritual Sun just as there is a material one. Like everything else in the universe, the sun has a spirit. And that spirit is giving off a different kind of heat. That sun is giving off a different kind of Light. This is the heat and light that awakens the spirit and soul if used correctly. This is the light that true sun gazing is all about. Continue reading “Sun Forces and How to Use Them”

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Nature is Just Doing Her Job, So Cooperate

“Mad Fortune sweeps along in wanton pride,
Uncertain as Euripus’ surging tide;
Now tramples mighty kings beneath her feet;
Now sets the conquered in the victor’s seat.
She heedeth not the wail of helpless woe,
But mocks the grief that from her mischief flow. …

“Now I would fain also reason with thee a little in Fortune’s own words. Do not observe whether her contentions be just ‘Man,’ she might say, ‘why dost thou pursue me with they daily complainings? What wrong have I done thee? What goods of thine have I taken from thee? … If thou succeedest in showing that any of these things is the true property of mortal man, I freely grant these things to be thine.” ~Boethius

Nature in Balance

People get angry with Mother Nature quite often. They are happy with her when their fruits grow abundantly, when the corn is tall and full. But they get angry when she brings floods, droughts, or insects to eat the fruit.

They act as if nature was a criminal taking from them what was theirs. But Nature (referred to as Fortune in the quote) never takes anything from us.

If a person plants crops in an empty field, waters them and weeds them, he thinks they are his. But if the actual landowner shows up just before the harvest and claims the crops grown on his land, he has every right to do so. If the farmer who planted the crops had permission to do so, it would be different. But without that permission, even if he had built a house on someone else’s property, it wouldn’t be his.

Likewise, Mother Nature has every right to do what she wishes with that which is hers. This doesn’t mean that she is vindictive and seeking to hurt us. What she does is seek to maintain balance in her realm.

If one species of animal becomes too dominant in a particular area, she may send a disease to reduce the population. When a weed is taking over too much land, she may send a flood to drown it or a drought to dry it up. If a harmful insect is damaging all the trees in a region, she may send birds that eat the bugs. She is just maintaining balance as much as possible.

These rules apply to the endeavors of man also. When we plant many acres of land in one crop, we damage the balance of nature. For a few years it works well and we praise Mother Nature for her good will. But then she takes corrective action with a drought or damaging insects and we start cursing her. This is understandable, but wrong. We have no business complaining when nature seeks to maintain balance in her realm. That is her job and we generally admire those who try to do their job well. Nature should not be an exception. Continue reading “Nature is Just Doing Her Job, So Cooperate”

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Eternal Will of God And the Torment of the Fall

“The eternal Will is incorruptible, and unchangeable; for the Heart of God is generated out of it, which is the end of the nature and of the Willing. If the Spirits of the Torment had put their imagination, and their desiring Will, forward into the Light of meekness, into the End of Nature, they should have continues Angels. But seeing out of pride, …they awakened the center of Torment in themselves. They same they now have, and they were thrust out of the Light into the Darkness. …
“If you do not understand this writing, then do not as Lucifer did in taking up the Spirit of Pride, … but seek the humble Heart of God, and that will bring a small grain of Mustard seed into your Soul.” ~Jacob Boehme

Eternal Will

Boehme is correct in saying that the Will of God is incorruptible. Yet that eternal Will created Lucifer and the other fallen angels which did become corrupted. That seems impossible. It implies that God created something corruptible, so how could His Will be incorruptible?

Here is where we get a paradox, a kind of catch-22. In order to create the Angels in His Likeness, they had to have free will. God has free will, so the angels needed it also. But with it, they could choose to be fools and idiots. A few of them did just that.

Center of Torment

I’m not sure exactly what Boehme is calling the Center of Torment. In any case, Lucifer and other angels let their Egos puff up to the point where they thought they could make decisions as well as God could (sound familiar, anyone?).

The result was that in awakening this Center of Torment, they choose to “create” an alternate reality to that of God: the realm of matter. I put create in quotes because they didn’t truly create it from nothing as God does, but by altering, deforming existing spirit into matter. By creating this level of reality called darkness, they were violating God’s will, yet God could not prevent it or they wold not have had free will. Continue reading “Eternal Will of God And the Torment of the Fall”

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Consciousness Center in Man and the Universe

“Man is a center of consciousness in the great One Life of the universe. His soul has climbed a great many steps before it reached its present position and stage of unfoldment. And it will pass through many more steps until it is entirely free and delivered from the necessity of its swaddling clothes.
“I his mental being man contains traces of all that has gone before—all the experiences of himself and the great race movement of which he is a part. Likewise, his mind contains faculties and mental planes which have not as yet unfolded into consciousness. … All of these mental possessions, however, are useful and valuable to him, even the lowest.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Consciousness Center

Yes we are each a consciousness center to some degree. And consciousness exists at various levels. Atkinson talks about consciousness mostly in the terms of the scientific and medical communities who think of consciousness and sub-conscious as the two levels. In other words, they see consciousness as that which we are consciously aware of when awake. Everything else, they say, is sub-conscious.

In Cosolargy and some other spiritual schools, we use the term differently. We refer to that limited knowledge of the brain-mind as Intellect, and consciousness as that higher form of truth and knowledge that comes from higher realms.

Mr. Atkinson talks next about the soul climbing a great many steps. We can assume that he is talking about consciousness. So he seems to be connecting the soul with consciousness, and we agree. While intellect is primarily a brain function, consciousness is found mostly in the soul. This means that consciousness is a spiritual rather than a material knowledge.

Stairway to Heaven

A stairway leading to Heaven is a common symbol for spiritual growth. A variation of it is even featured in the Broadway hit musical Cats. But Atkinson is using an interesting interpretation of this concept. Rather than seeing those stairs to heaven as merely steps on the path of spiritual growth, he see them s levels of consciousness. While unusual, it is probably a valid way to look at it. After all, another way to think of climbing those stair to heaven is to say that we are reaching higher levels of consciousness. As a consciousness center, we each have to grow in consciousness level by level. Eventually we hope to reach that ultimate level called Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness.

Awakening Consciousness Center Facilities

Atkinson says that we have faculties that have not yet unfolded. To start with, most of us have not yet awakened our spirit and soul from the dormant state it is in when we are born on the plain of matter. So the first step to awakening higher states of consciousness is to awaken the spirit and soul using the light of the spiritual sun.

Once we have done that, we have already become a consciousness center. But we shouldn’t stop with that. Like the person who gets a job in the mail room and slowly climbs to the executive suite, we need to continuously work at raising our level of consciousness. While we must all do this at our own speed, we should all be doing it regularly. Just as another man cannot exercise for us, we can’t sit back and wait for the consciousness center of the world to reach a level where we are forced to get involved or perish. Instead of waiting for it to happen, become one of those actively making it happen.