Caring For Others, the World, and the Universe

“We must provide for the sick and helpless, for the old and incapable. We must assure the integrity of the family. The first objective must be the spiritual goal, which is the only proper one for all men. After that, all instruction and law should be bent towards an increasingly harmonious relationship between every living being. The upbringing of children must have as its objective the attainment of well-balanced manhood and womanhood.
“We must make men high-minded and above all pettiness. … They must possess courage and fortitude equal to any trial, for there will be many. They must be prepared to endure oppression and persecution with self-control and a calmness, which no calamity can shake. … We must teach men to be quick in decision and deliberate in judgment.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:1:9-11)

Caring for Others

Provide for the sick and helpless. Take care of the elderly and the incapable. Radical ideas now, unfortunately. There is no profit in caring for the sick and hungry. There is little money to be made in giving shelter to the homeless. The ancients knew better. Not only the Kolbrin Bible, but virtually all ancient religious and spiritual writings advise us to care for others.

It is a curious fact that on Facebook and social media, videos and photos of animals helping each other, or humans helping animals are very popular. The video of a duck giving some of his food to the fish is a hit. Although experts say that what is really happening is that the duck is wetting his foo before eating it, the idea doesn’t change. People think the duck is feeding the fish and that is why they love the video.

The video of a tortoise helping another that is stuck on his back is another example. The Elephant and dog who are best friends. The penguin that visits the guy who once save him. There are numerous examples.

Yet it seem in real life, many of us don’t seem to care about other beings. We foolishly spend money on things we don’t actually need while people nearby go hungry. We live in a house with three empty rooms while people are living in parks and under bridges. This is not the way of the true Christian, the true Hindu, or any other faith. And it is certainly not the way of enlightened mystics. Continue reading “Caring For Others, the World, and the Universe”

Devil's Night, Monad and duad War Internal

War Internal, War External: the Eternal Conflict

“And now war assaulteth the whole man. … The outward fleshy man fighteth against the inward spiritual man. …
“The inward Spirit saith to the fiery soul: O my Soul! O my love! Turn I beseach thee and go forth from Vanity, or else thou loseth my love and the Noble Pearl.
“Then saith the outward Reason, viz., the Beastial Soul: Thou art foolish; wilt thou be a laughing-stock, and the scorn of the world? Thou needest the outward world to maintain this life. Beauty, Power, and Glory are thy proper happiness. …Take thy pleasure which will do both thy flesh and thy mind good..” ~Jacob Boehme

War Internal

Many of us wonder why we can’t seem to stop ourselves from waring with others. We war with other countries. We war with other religions. We war with other philosophies. We war over natural resources that don’t truly belong to any of us, but to Nature and God. Many of us us are aware of the foolishness of this, yet we still can’t seem to stop.

Boehme has provided in the quote one of the primary reasons. How can we end external wars if we remain at war within ourselves? As above, so below. When we are constantly fighting that war internal, it cannot help but spread to our external world.

Two Worlds, Two Plans

As Boehme says, we have two sides to our nature, and in most of us they have contradictory goals. The

physical body and brain-mind is completely oriented to living in the world of matter. Its goals and desires are oriented to that world. They seek the pleasures of that world, and try to avoid the pitfalls. They want money, comfort, happiness, health. There is nothing wrong with that—as long as it is kept in balance with our other side.

Our spiritual self, the spirit and soul, sees everything from a completely different perspective. They naturally have different goals and desires because of this. To our spiritual mind, or Divine Soul, nothing is more important than to return to the spiritual worlds from which we came. The soul understands that the physical world is one of illusion. It is real, but it is not what it seems to be. Therefore, making too much effort to gain position, status, and possessions in the world of matter is pointless. Continue reading “War Internal, War External: the Eternal Conflict”

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Spiritual Clarity of the Transcendent Life

“The second stream which pours out from that Transcendent Life is a ‘Spiritual Clarity,’ which illuminates the intelligence and shows it all good. This clarity is a new and heightened form of intuition: a lucid understanding, whereby the self achieves clear vision of its own life, and is able to contemplate the sublime richness of the Divine Nature; gazing upon the mystery of the Trinity, and finding everywhere the presence of God. Those who possess the light do not need ecstasies and revelation—sudden up-rushes toward the spiritual world—for their life and being is established in that world, above the life of sense.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Transcendent Life

What Underhill means when she write of a transcendent life is the life of those who have devoted themselves to finding and living spiritual truth. Not those who simply join a church. These are the ones who seek spiritual growth constantly. Perhaps more importantly, they are open to learning that truth, whatever it might be. They do not go into it with preconceived notions of what God is, what angels are, and what the spiritual worlds are like. They realize that descriptions of such things from those who have achieved some degree of enlightenment are limited by human language. So they “empty their cup,” to put it in Zen terms, so it can be filled with something completely new and different.

Spiritual Clarity

There is a spiritual clarity that come with this transcendent life. And this clarity is not limited to only spiritual matters.

With spiritual clarity, one can see through the lies of the business people. They can see through the deceptions of the politicians. They are not taken in by the rantings of the phony preachers. They cannot be tricked into fighting a war when the real purpose of that war is to make the rich richer while keeping the peasants under control. With spiritual clarity, one doesn’t even watch violent movies or television shows knowing that doing so has a negative effect on the psyche.

More importantly, though, they see that the spiritual side of life is far more important than the material. They are not greedy because they see no value in excessive wealth. Instead, they seek enlightenment as, in a sense, the money of the gods. They do not take from others what they have not earned. Nor do they claim ownership of that which they did not create. They may have temporal ownership of a piece of land, but they realize that they are not the true owner. Continue reading “Spiritual Clarity of the Transcendent Life”

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Angel’s Sun of Dante and Entering It and Higher Worlds

“And what was in the sun, wherein I entered,
Apparent not by color but by light,
I, though I call on genius, art, and practice,
Cannot so tell that it could be imagined;
Believe one can, and let him long to see it.
And if our fantasies too low are
For altitude so great, it is no marvel,
Since o’er the sun was never eye could go.
Since in this place was the fourth family
Of the high Father, who forever sates it,
Showing how he breathes forth and how begets.
And Beatrice began: ‘Give thanks, give thanks
Unto the Sun of Angels, who to this
Sensible one has raised thee by his grace’”.
~Dante in The Divine Comedy

Entering the Sun

So Dante “entered” the sun. What sun is he talking about? And how did he manage to enter it? He certainly does not mean to say that he entered the physical sun with his physical body. He would have had no way to get to the sun. And if he had managed to get to it, he would have been burned to death long before he landed on the sun.
He hints in the next lines that perhaps it was all imagined. It probably wasn’t. I would say that Dante was probably a mystic and a student of an advanced mystery school. And “entering” the sun is certainly something they do, though on a different level

Angel’s Sun

Dante give a better clue of what he is talking about a few lines later. He has Beatrice telling him to give thanks to the Sun of Angels. What is the Angels sun? And why should Dante give thanks to it?

The angel’s sun is another name for the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. This is not the physical sun in the sky, but it’s spiritual counterpart. We can think of this sun as occupying the same location as the physical sun, although that really isn’t accurate. Since a spirit, including the spiritual sun, exist outside of space and time, it is everywhere. Continue reading “Angel’s Sun of Dante and Entering It and Higher Worlds”