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“The eternal Will is incorruptible, and unchangeable; for the Heart of God is generated out of it, which is the end of the nature and of the Willing. If the Spirits of the Torment had put their imagination, and their desiring Will, forward into the Light of meekness, into the End of Nature, they should have continues Angels. But seeing out of pride, …they awakened the center of Torment in themselves. They same they now have, and they were thrust out of the Light into the Darkness. …
“If you do not understand this writing, then do not as Lucifer did in taking up the Spirit of Pride, … but seek the humble Heart of God, and that will bring a small grain of Mustard seed into your Soul.” ~Jacob Boehme

Eternal Will

Boehme is correct in saying that the Will of God is incorruptible. Yet that eternal Will created Lucifer and the other fallen angels which did become corrupted. That seems impossible. It implies that God created something corruptible, so how could His Will be incorruptible?

Here is where we get a paradox, a kind of catch-22. In order to create the Angels in His Likeness, they had to have free will. God has free will, so the angels needed it also. But with it, they could choose to be fools and idiots. A few of them did just that.

Center of Torment

I’m not sure exactly what Boehme is calling the Center of Torment. In any case, Lucifer and other angels let their Egos puff up to the point where they thought they could make decisions as well as God could (sound familiar, anyone?).

The result was that in awakening this Center of Torment, they choose to “create” an alternate reality to that of God: the realm of matter. I put create in quotes because they didn’t truly create it from nothing as God does, but by altering, deforming existing spirit into matter. By creating this level of reality called darkness, they were violating God’s will, yet God could not prevent it or they wold not have had free will.

Learning a Lesson

Some will say that the fallen angels needed to learn a lesson and see that only the Complete and Perfect God should create dimensions of reality. They may be true. It is like when the parent lets the child touch the slightly hot stove and get mildly burned. It will teach the child to stay away from the stove in the future.

So why does the realm of matter still exist. That gets complicated. Part of it is that we too have a certain degree of free will. Man must choose to return to God and return to the realms of spirit. When enough of us do that, God will change the world back to what it was before the fallen angels messed it up. The other part of it is time.

Time, Time, Time

When we think about time, we almost always think of it as it relates to us on the material level. We fail to realize that to different beings, time is very different. A day is relative insignificant to us, but is a lifetime to a fruit fly. Likewise, a million Earth years is a very long time to us, but a blink of an eye to God.

Because the spiritual worlds don’t have time, it has little meaning there. Likewise, it has little meaning to most spiritual beings who are eternal. An angel would be perfectly will to work 10,000 Earth years on one assignment because that is like a second to one who is eternal.

So when God say what his errant children had created, He and his angels, using thet eternal Will, corrected it immediately. They truly did. But when it filters down to our level where time matters, that instant correction is taking billions of Earth years.

The good news is that it has reached us and the time when the world will change has begun. How long it will take, no one really knows. It might be a hundred years, it might be 500. But it is happening now and we should all be preparing for the change. Better yet, we should all be working to make it happen So God’s Eternal Will will be fulfilled.


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