“We must provide for the sick and helpless, for the old and incapable. We must assure the integrity of the family. The first objective must be the spiritual goal, which is the only proper one for all men. After that, all instruction and law should be bent towards an increasingly harmonious relationship between every living being. The upbringing of children must have as its objective the attainment of well-balanced manhood and womanhood.
“We must make men high-minded and above all pettiness. … They must possess courage and fortitude equal to any trial, for there will be many. They must be prepared to endure oppression and persecution with self-control and a calmness, which no calamity can shake. … We must teach men to be quick in decision and deliberate in judgment.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:1:9-11)

Caring for Others

Provide for the sick and helpless. Take care of the elderly and the incapable. Radical ideas now, unfortunately. There is no profit in caring for the sick and hungry. There is little money to be made in giving shelter to the homeless. The ancients knew better. Not only the Kolbrin Bible, but virtually all ancient religious and spiritual writings advise us to care for others.

It is a curious fact that on Facebook and social media, videos and photos of animals helping each other, or humans helping animals are very popular. The video of a duck giving some of his food to the fish is a hit. Although experts say that what is really happening is that the duck is wetting his foo before eating it, the idea doesn’t change. People think the duck is feeding the fish and that is why they love the video.

The video of a tortoise helping another that is stuck on his back is another example. The Elephant and dog who are best friends. The penguin that visits the guy who once save him. There are numerous examples.

Yet it seem in real life, many of us don’t seem to care about other beings. We foolishly spend money on things we don’t actually need while people nearby go hungry. We live in a house with three empty rooms while people are living in parks and under bridges. This is not the way of the true Christian, the true Hindu, or any other faith. And it is certainly not the way of enlightened mystics.

Caring for Spirits

The Kolbrin Bible says the first objective must be spiritual. I agree. The spiritual development of people is far more important than physical or mental development. There is a catch to it, however. You have to take reasonable care of your body and mind if you are to be healthy enough to pursue spiritual goals. It is a matter of balance. Caring for your spirit is important, but you also have to eat. Caring for your soul matters, but you also need clothing and shelter. But spiritual development must also be the ultimate goal.

Once we have developed spiritually to a significant degree, we are then obligated to help others do the same. The quote specifically refers to teaching our children, but it cannot stop there. We must teach our neighbors, friends, anyone who wants to listen. We must also do this with other life forms.

Teaching a dog or a peace lily by reading scripture to it won’t work. But we can teach them by sharing our spiritual energy with them, and asking them to share their energy with us. Asking, not taking. We have no business trying to steal energy from other beings. Instead, we create a voluntary circle of energy between us and other life forms. Just as flowing water is usually healthier than stagnant water, that circular flow of energy benefits both beings involved. We can even send energy into those things that we don’t thing of as beings. Rocks, mountains, buildings, etc. We do that partly because as part of the physical universe, their vibrations must be raised so they can be part of the coming transformation back into spirit. We also do it because then when a person sits on that rock, some of the energy will flow into him. When people enter that building, some of that energy will benefit them. Caring is not just about man, but about the entire universe.

Possess Courage

There are many reasons why spiritual people need to possess courage. Caring for others can sometimes be dangerous. There are Satanic forces, sadly sometimes in governments, who would seek to stop such behavior. They don’t like all that caring. We need courage because there are those who will think you are crazy for practicing spiritual mysticism, for sun gazing, and similar spiritual activities.

Most of all, Caring for others means trying to aid the process of turning this world back into one of spirit. The devils and demons don’t want that. They and their human helpers will fight to prevent it. So be caring and be courageous.


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