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“And what was in the sun, wherein I entered,
Apparent not by color but by light,
I, though I call on genius, art, and practice,
Cannot so tell that it could be imagined;
Believe one can, and let him long to see it.
And if our fantasies too low are
For altitude so great, it is no marvel,
Since o’er the sun was never eye could go.
Since in this place was the fourth family
Of the high Father, who forever sates it,
Showing how he breathes forth and how begets.
And Beatrice began: ‘Give thanks, give thanks
Unto the Sun of Angels, who to this
Sensible one has raised thee by his grace’”.
~Dante in The Divine Comedy

Entering the Sun

So Dante “entered” the sun. What sun is he talking about? And how did he manage to enter it? He certainly does not mean to say that he entered the physical sun with his physical body. He would have had no way to get to the sun. And if he had managed to get to it, he would have been burned to death long before he landed on the sun.
He hints in the next lines that perhaps it was all imagined. It probably wasn’t. I would say that Dante was probably a mystic and a student of an advanced mystery school. And “entering” the sun is certainly something they do, though on a different level

Angel’s Sun

Dante give a better clue of what he is talking about a few lines later. He has Beatrice telling him to give thanks to the Sun of Angels. What is the Angels sun? And why should Dante give thanks to it?

The angel’s sun is another name for the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. This is not the physical sun in the sky, but it’s spiritual counterpart. We can think of this sun as occupying the same location as the physical sun, although that really isn’t accurate. Since a spirit, including the spiritual sun, exist outside of space and time, it is everywhere.

Dante should thank that sun because it is the agent of God that has awakened his spirit and soul. It is this sun which give him the visions he write about in The Divine Comedy. It is this sun which feeds his creative side. The angel’s sun gives truth and knowledge of things beyond the physical. Looking at this sun in the right way can do the same for us as well.

Dante says the “High Father’ begets this sun and that is true. That is not simply because God begets everything. It is because the Light that comes from God, the light called grace that awakens and nourishes the spiritual faculties of man, flows from that sun. It is because the light from this sun is changing us and the realm of matter back into spirit as God intended us to be.

There are three things that we can do about it. We can be fools and fight God, and inevitably lose. We can ignore the truth and die in ignorance. Or we can aid ourselves and God in this change and become truly immortal and members of that elite known as The Chosen.


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