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Traveling Soul, Infinite Spirit, Being Everywhere

“The Incorporeal governs the Corporeal, and is, therefore, present everywhere, although not as space, but in power. The corporeal existence of things cannot hinder the incorporeal from being present to such things as it desires to enter into relation with. The Soul has therefore the power to extend her activity to any locality she may desire. She is a power which has no limits, and each part of her, being independent of special conditions, can be present everywhere, provided she is pure and unadulterated with matter. Things do not act upon each other merely by the contact of the corporeal forms, but also at a distance, provided they have a soul, because the higher elements of the soul are everywhere.” ~Porphyry

Traveling Soul

Porphyry says the soul can extent her activities to any location. This is true, in a sense. Actually, since the soul is pure spirit, and spirit is not limited by time and space, the soul is always everywhere. At least, the awakened soul is. But just as we can focus our attention on one thing, or in one direction, so can the spirit and soul.

If, for some reason, the soul wanted to know what was happening on the moon, it would simply concentrate on that location, and know. If it wanted to know what a person living in another country was doing, it could concentrate on that person, and know.

Were science smart enough to use this ability of the soul, we could save a lot of money, yet progress faster. Spiritual persons could describe what was happening on another planet without having to send rockets. And if it is necessary to send rockets, a spiritual person could “travel” in spirit to the location first so the crew would know what to expect and be ready for. Continue reading “Traveling Soul, Infinite Spirit, Being Everywhere”

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Glorious Sun, The Sun of Righteousness and Spirit

“Now the man who wishes to feel within himself the glow of the Eternal Sun, which is Christ Himself, he should be seeing, and should dwell on the mountains in the higher lands, by a gathering together of all his powers, and lifting up his heart toward God, free and careless of joy and grief, and of all created things. There Christ, the Sun of Righteousness, shines upon the free and uplifting heart: and these are the mountains that I mean.
“Christ, the glorious Sun, the Divine Brightness, by his inward coming and by the power of His Spirit, enlightens and brightens the free heart and all the powers of the soul. … Go ye out by exercises according to the way of this coming.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Glorious Sun

The Glorious Sun, Eternal Sun, or Sun of Righteousness is the true Sun, the Spiritual Sun. Today, the practice of sungazing is become popular, as it was in times past. The difference is that most of the people who dis sun gazing in the past were mystics and members of mystery schools and their practices were kept secret. Even if you say them practicing, you would not get the whole of it simply by watching.

The mystics did not just look up at the physical sun at sunrise. Their goal was to look more at that glorious sun, the Sun of Righteousness. This means that while they appeared to be simply looking at the sun, they were not. For starters, they did not focus on the physical sun, but only looked toward it . There eyes were tilted in a configuration that resembles a cross-eyed person. The most important part is that they didn’t focus on the sun, but intentionally became unfocused on the sun, or anything else. This is what Ruysbroeck means when he says they were free of all created things.

If you try to do sungazing while you are worried about how you are going to pay a bill, or in pain because you have a toothache, you will be unlikely to reach beyond the physical to that Glorious Sun of spirit. You may still get some physical benefits from the physical sun, but few if any spiritual benefits.

So the mystics, adepts, and initiates of the ancient schools knew that their state of mind mattered. That a positive, unworried state was best if they were to go beyond sun gazing to gaze at the Glorious Sun. Continue reading “Glorious Sun, The Sun of Righteousness and Spirit”

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The Perfect Sun as a Looking Glass

“A voice of awful Answer, scarce discern’d
From which to Aspiration whose return’d
They scarcely knew; as when some Man apart
Answers aloud the Question in his Heart—
‘The Sun of my Perfection is a Glass
Wherein from Seeing into Being pass
All who, reflecting as reflected see
Themselves in Me, and Me in Them; not Me,
But all of Me that a contracted Eye
Is comprehensive of Infinity:
Nor yet Themselves: no Selves, but of the All
Fractions, from which they split and whither fall,
As water lifted from the Deep, again
Falls back as individual Drops of Rain
Then melts into the Universal Main. …
Come you lost Atoms to your Center draw,
and be the Eternal Mirror that you saw:
Rays that have wander’d into Darkness wide
Return, and back into your Sun subside.’”
~Farid ud-Din Attar

Perfect Sun

Calling the sun perfect seems like opinion, but it isn’t. This is not a reference to the physical sun, but to the spiritual one. What this poet calls the “Sun of my Perfection,” is the Sun of Righteousness. It is perfect as all things of pure spirit are perfect. It is that sun which has awakened this poet and inspired his great work titled The Conference of the Birds.

Looking Glass in the Sun

When Attar says that this perfect sun is “a glass,” he means a looking glass or mirror. In what way is the sun a mirror? In two ways, actually.

The sun—both physical and spiritual—receives our thoughts, amplifies them, and sends them back toward Earth and the rest of the solar system. If the majority of us are sending negative, angry, violent thought toward the two suns, what they reflect back is much the same. This reflected thought results in storms, droughts, floods, earthquakes, and other signs of imbalance.

On the other hand, when we transmit thoughts of love, peace, and harmony, the suns reflect balance, live, and abundance to us.

The second way in which the sun acts as a mirror applies almost exclusively to that spiritual sun, or perfect sun. When our spiritual faculties are awakened by the Light of that sun, we began to see ourselves with greater clarity. We see ourselves as we really are. We see ourselves as we are meant to be. So in a sense, this perfect sun reflects reality to us. The reality of the spiritual worlds which few see when trapped in the worlds of matter. Continue reading “The Perfect Sun as a Looking Glass”

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Changing Reality in the New Golden Age

“The nonphysical world, the realm of your soul and spirit, is arriving, appearing, revealing itself openly—inside, throughout, and all around your physical reality. You are regaining memory of astoundingly good stuff, and there is so much more to recall that is going to light you up!
“The purity of the way consciousness-and-energy functions is right under your nose; its in the air like the scent of fresh-baked bread, drawing you forward. You can’t miss it. The Intuitive Age is transforming you at your core, and simultaneously, it’s transforming science, psychology, medicine, business, government, and even history. … Secrets are being revealed, the hidden is coming to light, and the emergence of wisdom and truth is happening everywhere.” ~Penney Peirce

Changing Reality

Ms. Peirce says the spiritual world is “arriving, appearing, revealing itself.” Those first two seem to contradict the third. If the nonphysical, or spiritual world, is revealing itself, then it must already be here, but hidden. If it is already here, it cannot arrive. When it is already here, it cannot suddenly appear, except in the sense of something invisible becoming visible.

I think what Peirce is saying is that how it happen is a matter of our own perspective. To one who was totally caught up in the material, and the idea of a spiritual reality is a new one to him, it can be sad that the nonphysical world “arrived” to him. To one who believe is a spiritual world, but only as something that happens as an afterlife, the gaining of knowledge and insights that reveal it to be all around us right now, it could be said to “appear” to her.

In reality, the spiritual world has always been there, but most of us were unaware of it. The changes happening in this changing reality are more than just a new awareness among man. The entire universe of matter is changing. It is gradually becoming spirit again. It’s frequencies are being raised gradually. It is as if a base drum were slowly being transformed into a flute.

Purity of the Changing Reality

You may find it hard to accept when you look at the world around you that the world is becoming purer, sweeter, like the “scent of fresh-baked bread.” That is totally understandable. We see violence of the most horrendous type everywhere. Greedy people are seen hoarding far more than they need while others starve and sleep in the streets. We see fools being elected to political offices.

We need to recall the old, but true, cliches like “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. Two things are happening here. First, as more and more of us become aware of how civilized people are truly supposed to behave, we notice more than ever the abhorrent behavior of others. Occasionally, we are even shocked to discover ourselves doing such things. The other side of it is that, to paraphrase something I read recently, in order to get rid of the horrid creatures living under the rocks, we must first turn over the rocks to reveal them.

That seems to be where we are now. In this changing reality, rocks are being flipped over (allegorically) and the foul things under them are being revealed. Sometimes this refers to individuals who are truly rotten and unredeemable. In other cases, it reveals those who are very lost, but can find the way again. In this changing reality, that second type can be helped. Those who cannot, or will not, change, will be unable to survive in the new Golden Age.

Changing Reality Everywhere

Peirce says this changing reality is transforming everyone, even in science, medicine, government, and so on. We are seeing some of that in the return of natural healing methods, the growth of organic foods, and some businesses becoming truly ethical. But it goes beyond changing people and the institutes we create.

Animals are changing. They are becoming more intelligent. Some of them are becoming more peaceful. We are seeing more cases of animals making friends with members of another species that is generally considered their enemies, or food source.

Plants are changing as well, though it isn’t as noticeable. I suspect that if someone were to research this, they would find that poisonous plants are less poisonous now than they were fifty years ago. They would find that aggressive plants that normally choke off the roots of others, are doing it less.

Even the rocks, mountains and rivers are changing. It is a matter of frequency. All things are vibrating at higher frequencies. The changing reality will have them all vibrating even faster in the future. We can aid that process, if we choose. It would be a good thing to choose.