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“We find in all the mystics the strong sense of a mysterious spiritual life—a Reality—over against man, seeking him and compelling him to its will. It is not for him, they think, to say that he will or will not aspire to the transcendental world. Hence sometimes this inversion of man’s long quest of God. The self resists the pull of spiritual gravitation, flees from the touch of Eternity; and the Eternal seeks it, tracks it ruthlessly down. The Following Love, the mystics say, is a fact of experience, not a poetic idea. … Man, once conscious of Reality, cannot evade it.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Seeking the Seeker

According to Ms. Underhill’s interpretation of mystical writings, the great mystics believed that God was seeking us even more than we seek Him. On the other hand, God will not force us to awaken and become spiritual; it must be our choice. In that, we can agree with her.

She also says that, according to these same mystics and prophets, God needs us more than we need Him. That I cannot agree with. Yes God seeks us and desires very much to bring us back to the fold, but only because he loves us. He can, however, function quite well without us.

By Underhill’s interpretation, we would be justified in believing that we can do just about anything we want to and get away with it. God will, in the end, forgive everything because he desperately needs us back. Much like the football team that ignores the crimes of the star player because they need him.

But heaven is not at all like a football field. It is a place of the perfected, and only the perfected. So while God certain does want us to return there, if we are unwilling to do what it takes to make that happen, He will not just allegorically shrug His shoulders, and let us in anyway.

Earning the Prize

While God certainly wants us to return to our origin, He will not force us to do so, and He will not suffer any lose if we fail to do so. He will, in fact, only wait so long for us to return, then close the door and lock it leaving us trapped on the material plane forever.

So we can’t sit back and let God seek us anymore than we can sit at the starting line of a race and wait for the finish line to come to us. It is up to us to run for the finish line. Likewise, it is up to us to seek enlightenment and work hard to achieve it. So began seeking now.

Once Awakened

It is true that once our seeking has made us aware of Reality, we cannot evade it. We cannot pretend that is doesn’t exist. We must either embrace it, or foolishly reject it.

Many do reject it because it isn’t what they want it to be. Most simply never become that aware. A few become aware, and seek to reach that mountain peak with all their heart. Only those seeking the path to the top are likely to find it. Only those who find the path and reach the top will be saved. Only those who achieve Cosmic Consciousness get to heaven.


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