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Fiery Soul, Sophia, and the Fountain of Christ

“And the reason why the fiery Soul cannot attain to perfection during this life’s time is because it is fast bound with the outward bond of vanity, through which the Devil continually casteth his venomous rays of influence upon it. … And anguish arise so that the noble Sophia hideth herself in the Fountain of Christ, in the Heavenly Humanity, for she cannot draw near to vanity. For she knew how it went with her in Adam when she lost her Pearl, which is of grace freely bestowed again upon the inward humanity; therefore she is called Sophia, viz., the Bride of Christ.” ~Jacob Boehme

Fiery Soul

The dictionary defines fiery as something that is burning, on fire, or bright like fire. The other definition is of a fiery person meaning one who is passionate and has a quick temper. It can also be something that has a hot, spicy taste. What Boehme means when describing the Soul as fiery is more allegorical. You can think of the idea of the Holy Spirit appearing over the head of Jesus as a “tongue of fire”.

The fiery soul is one that is awakened, full of Divine Light, and fired up about doing God’s work. It is a soul seeking truth and knowledge. It seeks to return to God and to return to heaven.

Bound to Earth

It is not so much that we humans are bound to earth, but that we are bound to the realm of matter over which Satan rules. We know that we can travel into space physically, and travel even further in our spiritual or astral bodies. But we remain bound to the physical world by our devotion and attachment to it. We are trapped by our own minds and egos and by the powers of materialism that constantly try to convince us this is a great place to be. “Even if it isn’t,” they say, “other realms, spiritual realms, are just fantasies of the imagination.”

Actually, it is the spiritual which is eternal, and therefore real. The temporary illusions of matter is the imaginary world. Not that this world doesn’t exist, but it is not what it appears to be. Continue reading “Fiery Soul, Sophia, and the Fountain of Christ”

rill of fire, self-realization, highest state, righteous spirituality, body and soul, Soul Power Sacred Humanity

Continuous Birth in Spiritual Light

“Behold, thou reasonable Soul, to thee I speak, and not to the Body, thou only apprehendest [sic] it: When the Birth is thus continually generated, then every Form has a Center to the Regeneration. …
“Thus also is the eternal Birth, wherein the Virtue is continually generated from Eternity; and out of the Virtue the Light; and the Light causes and makes the Virtue. The Light shines in the eternal Darkness, and makes in the eternal Mind the desiring and attracting Will; so that the Will in the darkness generates the thoughts, … and the desiring is the attracting of the Virtue.” ~Jacob Boehme

Continuous Birth

This is the only place I have read of spiritual birth being called a continuous birth. While we read that spirit have no beginning and no end, Boehme puts this idea in an unusual way by calling this continuous birth.

It makes me think of the “monsters from the id” in the science fiction classic “Forbidden Planet”. In that movie, they eventually figure out that their weapons are ineffective against the monster because it is simply being regenerated “from microsecond to microsecond”. It is impossible to kill something that is in a constant state of being reborn.

This is a great way of looking at the life of the spirit and the soul, even if it isn’t exactly true. The spirit and soul cannot die, or even become ill, because they are constantly replenished. What’s more, spirits exchange Light with other spirits and keep each other eternal by doing so. Continue reading “Continuous Birth in Spiritual Light”

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Something Beyond the Physical and Intellectual

“There are certain centers in the mental being of Man from which may come light regarding the existence of the Absolute and higher order of Beings. In fact, from these centers come to man the part of his mental ‘feelings’ that he calls ‘the religious instinct’ or intuition.’ Man does not arrive at that underlying consciousness of ‘Something Beyond’ by means of his intellect—it is the glimmer of light coming from the higher centers of the Self. He notices these gleams of light, but not understanding them, he proceeds to elect elaborate theological and creedal structures to account for them. The work of the intellect, however, always lacks that feeling that the intuition itself possesses. True religion, no matter under what name it may masquerade, comes from the ‘heart’, and is not comforted or satisfied with these intellectual explanations.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Higher Centers

While Mr. Atkinson says this “light” that makes us believe in the Absolute, and in worlds and beings beyond the physical, is a mental faculty, he does says it is from higher centers. It is not, he quickly points out, coming from the intellect. While the intellect is certainly useful on the material plane, it knows nothing of the spiritual, the “Something Beyond”. This faculty is not in the brain-mind at all, but is coming from the spirit and soul. Even in those of us who have not bothers to awaken those faculties, they seem to seep through a little anyway. When we do awaken those faculties, intentionally or accidentally, they will seep through even more.

Theological Structures

Mr. Atkinson says that the intellect, unable to truly understand the spiritual, makes elaborate theological structures to “account for them”. While that is often true, not all theology comes about in that way. Some very enlightened groups of the past designed ceremonies to help man awaken his spiritual faculties and reach higher levels of consciousness. Some of the oldest theologies are based on those ceremonies. Over time, however, over-jealous priests and others have tried to “improve” them and usually doing the opposite. Nevertheless, at the core of many ancient theologies are ceremonies that can help awaken the soul. Even in their altered forms of today, they still may offer some limited benefit. Continue reading “Something Beyond the Physical and Intellectual”

Loving God, Love All

Loving God Means Loving All, Loving Life

“The person who loves God cannot help loving every man as himself, even though he is grieved by the passions of those who are not yet purified. But when they amend their lives, his delight is indescribable and knows no bounds.
“A soul filled with thoughts of sensual desire and hatred is unpurified.
“If we detect any trace of hatred in our hearts against any man whatsoever for committing any fault, we are utterly estranged from love for God, since love for God absolutely precludes us from hating any man.” ~The Philokalia

Loving God

Many find it hard to accept that they cannot love God, yet also hate men who do evil. This actually seems contradictory to them, but it isn’t. What it really means is that we must love Man as a whole, and not pick and choose to love only a select few. We can, of course, be selective in our friends, and in our community members. But even those we consider too evil or too sick to be part of our society must be loved. There are a number of reasons why this must be our attitude.

Live Like God

I have heard people say that God would never reject any of His children. They say that if the person is repentant, God will always accept him back.

Yet those same people often think it is acceptable for them to treat other quite differently. If somebody offends them, or does them a wrong, they will often hold a grudge forever. Even when the person repents, they often refuse to accept the apology.

If God behaved like that, no one would ever get to return to Heaven. We have all sinned at one time or another. We have all done something wrong toward another. Our duel nature makes it impossible for us to be good all the time. So we have to accept that other make mistakes just as we do. Continue reading “Loving God Means Loving All, Loving Life”