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“When I say that a specific light should enter your consciousness, you should not worry. This light will come of itself, you need only climb a high mountain peak and wait there. … Therefore, when you ask about the advantages of the Esoteric school, you should know that it shows its disciples the Right path for climbing the high Divine peaks which are the first to be illuminated by the Divine rays of the rising sun. …
“Warmth creates certain forms in people, Light also creates certain forms as well. Every flow creates its own particular forms. The warmth and light of the Sun have a big impact first on the religious state of people as well as on science.” ~Beinsa Douno

Specific Light

When Douno says that it is a specific light that we need to awaken and nourish our spiritual faculties, he is talking about the light of the spiritual sun rather than the physical. It is true that one only needs to look toward the physical sun and he will get that spiritual light mixed in with the physical. Here is the problem, though. Which type of light you primarily absorb depends on your disposition at the time.

If you are a materialistic sort, you will take absorb mostly the light of the physical sun. While there are some physical and mental benefits from absorbing that light, it also tends to make you even more materialistic. To counter that, you need to take in a lot of spiritual light as well. A spiritually oriented person will absorb a significant amount of that “specific light”, but may absorb a lot of the physical as well. As a beginner, you need not worry about this too much, but eventually you will want to learn the techniques taught in a real spiritual school that will help you absorb more spiritual Light and less physical light.

Climb the Mountain

Duono also says that one needs to “only climb a high mountain peak” to practice these spiritual disciplines. While that may be a simple request for some, for many others climbing a mountain regularly is impossible. Even if you live close to a mountain, you can’t spend hours climbing it frequently. In today’s world we have jobs and other things that prevent that.

While actually climbing to the top of a physical mountain, or other high place such as the top of a pyramid, that is not really necessary. We can climb a virtual Divine Peak by quieting the mind and going to a private place where there is little noise to distract us. If possible, go to a natural place like a park, a forest, or a seashore occasionally if you don’t have mountains nearby. The rest of the time, you can practice this spiritual sungazing right in your own back yard (you should be outdoors, weather permitting).

Forms from Warmth and Light

There may be different forms for different kinds of light, but don’t expect drastic form changes when you practice spiritual growth techniques involving the spiritual sun. You won’t suddenly grow six inches taller, or be able to leap tall buildings. Some physical changes may occur, however. You might notice that you stand straighter and taller. You may have more energy. Your thinking may be more clear. Some people even report changes in eye color after years of practice, primarily from brown to blue or gray-blue.

But the changes that matter to the spiritual student are on a different level. This change in form is in the spirit and soul. And this is more significant than slight changes in the physical form.


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