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Homeward Journey of the Spirit and Soul

“The homeward journey of man’s spirit, then, may be thought of as due to the push of a divine life within, answering to the pull of a divine life without. It is only possible because there is already in that spirit a certain kinship with the Divine, a capacity for Eternal Life; and the mystics, in undertaking it, are humanity’s pioneers on the only road to rest. … The spiritual pilgrim goes because he is called; because he wants to go, must go if he is to find rest and peace. … It is Love calling to love; and the journey, though in one sense a hard pilgrimage, … in another is the inevitable rush of the roving comet, caught at last, to the Central Sun.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Homeward Journey

The spiritual journey of man is not a journey into uncharted wilderness, but a return home. The spiritual world is where we originated and we are destined to return there. We can fight it and slow down the process, or take an active part in it and help it along.

Push and Pull

As Ms. Underhill states, we are pulled toward that homeward journey by outer forces from the spiritual world. At the same time, we are being pushed toward it by the inner forces of our own spirit and soul. This attraction to the spiritual may be weak when our spirit and soul are in a dormant state, but once they are awakened it increases. And now that the time of the Sun of Righteousness is here, more souls are being awakened.

There will be those who resist and cling to the sinking ship of materialism. That is there choice to make. But those of us who have been awakened to some degree have an obligation to help others awaken and join us on that homeward journey. Continue reading “Homeward Journey of the Spirit and Soul”

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Impervious Student in an Imperfect World

“The student is impervious to all influences which would divert him from the goal he has set himself, as long as he can regard it as the right goal. For him, obstacles contain a challenge that impels him to surmount them, but never a reason for giving up. …
“The student suppresses all superfluous criticism of everything that is imperfect, evil, and bad, and seeks rather to understand everything that comes under his notice. Even as the sun does not withdraw its light from the bad and the evil, so he, too, does not refuse them an intelligent empathy. Should some trouble befall him he does not proceed to condemn and criticize, but accepts the inevitable, and endeavors to the best of his ability to give the matter a turn for the best.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Impervious student

While much of what Rudolf Steiner wrote is great, I think this claim is a bit of an exaggeration. Perhaps his intention was to avoid students having fears and doubts, so he told them this. It is true that having a goal you truly believe in makes it much more difficult for the dark ones to turn you away from that goal, but it is not impossible. To believe that you are truly an impervious student is as bad as believing that evil and dark beings and forces don’t exist.   They love when we believe that, as it makes it much easier for them to control us. Only the most advances students who no longer have a physical body are truly impervious. Continue reading “Impervious Student in an Imperfect World”

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Conscious Man Developing a Conscious World

“In future ages there will be conscious participation on the part of man in the higher worlds after death in this work of building up the lower kingdoms of Nature. The consciousness of man will govern the circumstances whereby a new civilization comes into being. Concurrently with the appearance of a new flora. The divine mission of the spirit is to forge the future. A time will come when there will be no question of ‘miracle’ or chance. Flora and fauna will be a conscious expression of the transfigured soul of man. If we build a cathedral, we are working on the mineral kingdom. … In future ages, man will learn to mold all the kingdoms of nature with the same consciousness with which today he can give shape to mineral substances.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Conscious Man

We like to think we are conscious now, and we are, but only partially. Many things around us happen as a result of our actions and our thoughts that we are not consciously aware of. Animal, plants, and even minerals are affected by our thoughts as well as our actions.

Steiner says that at a future time conscious man will develop to the point where we are aware of such things. He wrote the quoted text about 100 years ago and we are now on the cusp of that age.

Animal Awareness

Recent scientific studies are finding that animals are more intelligent that previously believed. There is evidence that they like to play. There is also some evidence that at least a few species have some limited sense of self awareness.

In one case, an Elephant viewing it’s reflection in a mirror was able to figure out after a while that it was seeing itself. It’s behavior showed that it had become aware that when it moved in a certain way, the image in the mirror did the same. This implies a limited sense of self.

In another recent study, a crow was given a tube with food in it and a piece of wire. They wanted to see if the crow was smart enough to try using the wire to get food out of the tube. It wend even beyond that. After a few tried, the crow bent the end of the wire into a primitive hook to snag the treats much more efficiently. In short, it created a tool.

While not a scientific study, another case involving a crow is a video showing a crow using a jar lid as a sled to slide down a slanted roof. Then carry it to the top and do it again showing it was not an accident.

Most experts say that it is only because the methods of studying animals are improving that we are finding them to be more intelligent and conscious than we thought. While that is part of it, I think animals are actually getting smarter and more conscious because we are doing the same (at least some of us are.)

Plants and Minerals

It is a lot harder to see similar changes in plants and minerals, yet they are probably happening. This is changes happening in nature, and not the strange mixing of DNA by man called GMOs.

As Above

So why do we have dangerous animals and poisonous plants? Because we have dangerous and poisonous people. Why do we have friendly and beautiful plants and animals? Because we have friendly and beautiful people.

I think it is a frequency thing. Some life forms are linked to a certain frequency. That frequency is the one where we find the thoughts of violent, angry, and negative people. Those animals will reflect that. Other animals and plants are attuned to the frequencies of pleasant, friendly, positive people and behave accordingly. This is even true on the mineral level. It is known, for example, that gems and crystals that have been owned by evil people should be avoided as they can have a negative affect on others.

Conscious Molding

The point of all this is that soon conscious man will learn to accept his role in molding the world around him and stat making an effort to do a better job. Also, conscious man will become more peaceful and positive, less fearful and violent. All of that will affect the whole world over which we have domain. Then, as predicted in the Bible, the lion will lay with the lamb. That may seem a long way of, yet we can all do what we can to make it happen sooner rather than later.

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Pythagoras: Mystical Philosopher and Mathematician

“Pythagoras was said to have been the first man to call himself a philosopher; in fact, the world is indebted to him for the word philosopher. Before that time, the wise men called themselves sages, which was interpreted to mean those who know. Pythagoras was more modest. He coined the word philosopher, which he defined as one who is attempting to find out. … He traveled among the Jews and was instructed by the Rabbins concerning the secret traditions of Moses. … Pythagoras was initiated into the Egyptian, Babylonian, and Chaldean Mysteries.” ~Manly P Hall

Pythagoras the Philosopher

Many know of Pythagoras as primarily a mathematician. In truth, he was a spiritual philosopher more than a mathematician. His studies in the field of mathematics were primarily to understand the relationship of mathematics to creation and to the development of the soul. His mathematical studies were mainly to help in the study of geometry as the language of the soul. He, like many other spiritual philosophers believe the soul to understand geometric shapes rather than words, or at least to be affected by them. (When I was in High School, geometry was my favorite math class. Now I understand why.)

I was not aware, however, that he invented the word “philosopher” to describe himself as a seeker of truth because he thought the term “sage” was too egoic. It makes perfect sense, of course, that one interested in spiritual growth and higher states of consciousness would shun anything that boosts the ego. Not that he or any sensible spiritual teacher taught that the ego should be utterly destroyed. He taught rather that it had to be kept in check with the spirit and soul taking the lead rather than the ego. Continue reading “Pythagoras: Mystical Philosopher and Mathematician”