impervious student

“The student is impervious to all influences which would divert him from the goal he has set himself, as long as he can regard it as the right goal. For him, obstacles contain a challenge that impels him to surmount them, but never a reason for giving up. …
“The student suppresses all superfluous criticism of everything that is imperfect, evil, and bad, and seeks rather to understand everything that comes under his notice. Even as the sun does not withdraw its light from the bad and the evil, so he, too, does not refuse them an intelligent empathy. Should some trouble befall him he does not proceed to condemn and criticize, but accepts the inevitable, and endeavors to the best of his ability to give the matter a turn for the best.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Impervious student

While much of what Rudolf Steiner wrote is great, I think this claim is a bit of an exaggeration. Perhaps his intention was to avoid students having fears and doubts, so he told them this. It is true that having a goal you truly believe in makes it much more difficult for the dark ones to turn you away from that goal, but it is not impossible. To believe that you are truly an impervious student is as bad as believing that evil and dark beings and forces don’t exist.   They love when we believe that, as it makes it much easier for them to control us. Only the most advances students who no longer have a physical body are truly impervious.

Suppress Criticism

While there are certainly many things wrong with the world, the “impervious student” doesn’t waste time criticizing everything he doesn’t like. There are several reasons for that. First, if you take the time to criticize everything you find wrong, you will have little time for anything else. Second, you are likely to become a worry wart and develop a negative personality. Third, you lower your vibrations when you dwell too often on such things. All of that can limit you ability to grow spiritually and become a truly impervious student.

That doesn’t mean you should never criticize, never protest. If something is truly, abhorrently wrong, then you should get involved if you can. But keep from getting so angry about it that you stop your spiritual growth.

Have Empathy

The impervious student needs to have empathy. This doesn’t have to be in the esoteric sense where one actually feels other people pains and emotions. It simply means that before you become angry with others for doing or saying foolish things, you take into consideration how they got there.

Were they influenced by the beliefs of parents and friends? Did they spend too much time listening to bias media? Did politicians tell them lies to control them? In most cases, at least some of that will be true, and more. This doesn’t mean you should forgive such things, just don’t let them control you and turn you negative. The impervious student is aware of many things, but doesn’t let those lower level events get to her. She understands, does what can reasonable be done, and moves on. Because all real spiritual students know that the solution will never be found on the material plane. The world must be returned to one of spirit for all evil and darkness to end. The impervious student knows that is more important than fighting individual issues on the level of matter.

Illustration: Neo become impervious when he truly understand who he is.


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