Universal agent, Sun Quality, Heaven's Key

“beloved Reason, one cannot lend the Key [to Heaven] to another. If one has a Key, he cannot open it for another, as Antichrist boasts that he has the keys of Heaven and Hell. … But he cannot open with them for anybody else. Everyone must unlock it with his own Key. For the Holy Ghost is the Key, when he has that key, then he may go both in and out.
“There is nothing that is nearer you than heaven, paradise, and hell. Unto which of them you are inclined, and to which of them you walk, to that [which] in this lifetime you are most near. You are between both. And there is a birth between each of them, and you have both births in you. God beckons for you in the one Gate, and the Devil beacons you in the other.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heaven’s Key

I hope it is obvious to everyone that the Key to heaven is not an actual key as shown in the picture above. You can call it Heaven’s key, the Path to Enlightenment, the Way to God, and so on. Whatever it is called, it is the way to open those gates (allegory again) and enter heaven.

Satan’s Keys

Boehme says Satan may have the keys to heaven and hell, but he cannot use them to let another in. I don’t think this is completely true. Satan may know of Heaven’s Key, but he doesn’t possess it. Only those who have earned it can have it. He does have the keys to hell, but hell is quite easy to get into anyway.

Holy Ghost

Boehme says Heaven’s key is the Holy Ghost, and he is correct. But he doesn’t explain that allegorical statement, or explain how one is  to go about getting Heaven’s Key.

What is called the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is also called God’s light. That Light is the spiritual Light that comes to us primarily through the spiritual sun. Since the spiritual sun is concentrated to some degree in and around the physical sun, this has resulted in the practice now being called “sungazing”. But what is needed to gain Heaven’s Key is sun gazing at the spiritual sun more than the physical.

That Spiritual Light awakens our spirit and soul. An awakened soul is our own private entrance into heaven.

Between Heaven and Hell

Boehme says we exist between Heaven and hell and nothing is nearer to us then they are. While that is true in one sense, it is not true in another. Since spirit exists in all places at once and forever, the highest level of the spiritual world is right here with us. But there is another way to look at it.

There are nine primary dimensions of the whole cosmos. We on the level of matter are in the third dimension. The second dimension is what is generally called Hell. Heaven, however, is not the forth dimension. The forth dimension is above us, but not that far above us. It is the place where fallen angels, demons, and devils dwell. It is the place that many travel to when they engage is “Astral Travel” and is not a place a spiritual person should wish to hang out in. The Fifth dimension is the next higher and is the home of Angels and Light beings, but even that isn’t Heaven.

Heaven is either the eighth or ninth dimension, depending on how you think of it. So in that sense, Heaven is further away and we need to make a concerted effort to get there and to obtain Heaven’s Key. And you don’t get that just by dying. So start making the effort to get your own heaven’s key and opening your own private gate to heaven which is the Divine Soul.


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