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Specific Light of the Spiritual Sun on the Mountain Peak

“When I say that a specific light should enter your consciousness, you should not worry. This light will come of itself, you need only climb a high mountain peak and wait there. … Therefore, when you ask about the advantages of the Esoteric school, you should know that it shows its disciples the Right path for climbing the high Divine peaks which are the first to be illuminated by the Divine rays of the rising sun. …
“Warmth creates certain forms in people, Light also creates certain forms as well. Every flow creates its own particular forms. The warmth and light of the Sun have a big impact first on the religious state of people as well as on science.” ~Beinsa Douno

Specific Light

When Douno says that it is a specific light that we need to awaken and nourish our spiritual faculties, he is talking about the light of the spiritual sun rather than the physical. It is true that one only needs to look toward the physical sun and he will get that spiritual light mixed in with the physical. Here is the problem, though. Which type of light you primarily absorb depends on your disposition at the time.

If you are a materialistic sort, you will take absorb mostly the light of the physical sun. While there are some physical and mental benefits from absorbing that light, it also tends to make you even more materialistic. To counter that, you need to take in a lot of spiritual light as well. A spiritually oriented person will absorb a significant amount of that “specific light”, but may absorb a lot of the physical as well. As a beginner, you need not worry about this too much, but eventually you will want to learn the techniques taught in a real spiritual school that will help you absorb more spiritual Light and less physical light. Continue reading “Specific Light of the Spiritual Sun on the Mountain Peak”

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Heaven’s Key and Opening Heaven’s Gate

“beloved Reason, one cannot lend the Key [to Heaven] to another. If one has a Key, he cannot open it for another, as Antichrist boasts that he has the keys of Heaven and Hell. … But he cannot open with them for anybody else. Everyone must unlock it with his own Key. For the Holy Ghost is the Key, when he has that key, then he may go both in and out.
“There is nothing that is nearer you than heaven, paradise, and hell. Unto which of them you are inclined, and to which of them you walk, to that [which] in this lifetime you are most near. You are between both. And there is a birth between each of them, and you have both births in you. God beckons for you in the one Gate, and the Devil beacons you in the other.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heaven’s Key

I hope it is obvious to everyone that the Key to heaven is not an actual key as shown in the picture above. You can call it Heaven’s key, the Path to Enlightenment, the Way to God, and so on. Whatever it is called, it is the way to open those gates (allegory again) and enter heaven.

Satan’s Keys

Boehme says Satan may have the keys to heaven and hell, but he cannot use them to let another in. I don’t think this is completely true. Satan may know of Heaven’s Key, but he doesn’t possess it. Only those who have earned it can have it. He does have the keys to hell, but hell is quite easy to get into anyway. Continue reading “Heaven’s Key and Opening Heaven’s Gate”

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Believing is Seeing more than Seeing is Believing

“The reports of all religions are filled with accounts of the so-called miraculous occurrences. The Catholic saint reports that he ‘saw the light of God’s countenance,’ and the non-Catholic reports likewise regarding God as he knows him. The Mohammedan reports that he caught a glimpse of the face of Allah, and the Buddhist tells us that he saw Buddha under the tree. …
“These conflicting reports have led to the belief, on the part of those who did not understand the nature of the phenomena, that these things were ‘all imagination’ and fancy, if indeed not rank falsehood and imposture. But the Yogis know better than this. They know that underneath all these varying reports, there is a common ground of truth.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Believing is Seeing

We have all heard the saying, “seeing is believing,” but it more often works the other way around. What we believe affects what we see, especially in the spiritual realm. Even on the material level, we often find ourselves tricked by beliefs intro seeing something different than what is actually there.

I remember once, quite a few years ago, walking into a building in Washing D. C. with a friend where we both worked, and seeing something lying on the hallway floor about ten feet in front of us. Both of us say a large black beetle, but when we got up to it and looked more closely it turned out to be a piece of a black plastic trash bag. The curious thing is that both of us say it as a large beetle. I believe this is because when we are confronted with something we don’t understand, we communicate with others on a sub-conscious mental level and form an opinion. This opinion is based on beliefs. Continue reading “Believing is Seeing more than Seeing is Believing”

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Holy State of Loving God

“Love is a holy state of the soul, disposing it to value knowledge of God above all created things. … The person who loves God values knowledge of God more than anything created by God.
“If everything that exists was made by God and for God, and God is superior to the things made by Him, he who abandons what is superior and devotes himself to what is inferior shows that he values things made by God more than God Himself.
“When your intellect is concentrated on the love of God you will pay little attention to visible things and will regard even your own body as something alien.” ~St. Maximos the Confessor

Holy State

St. Maximos says that love is a stat of the soul, and he is correct. There are lower types of love, but the true form of it comes from the soul. The catch is that one has to awaken the soul before that holy state of love can be realized. The soul that lies dormant in most of us can’t help much with that realization of true love. This is why the first duty of the student of mysticism is to awaken the spirit and soul.

Love God more than Creation

People who have not awakened their soul cannot truly know God. Since they don’t actually know God, they cannot truly love Him. Instead they love the things He created (or they believe He created) since that is all they actually know.

We have people worshiping statues that represent God. Others worship churches, priest, or prophets. Many worship messengers of God such as Jesus and Buddha more than God Himself. Continue reading “Holy State of Loving God”