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Warm Soul from Happy Thoughts, Positive Thoughts

“It must be clearly understood that the perceptions of each single organ of soul or spirit bear a different character. … A revengeful thought, for example, assumes an arrow-like pronged form, while a kindly thought is often formed like an opening flower, and so on. Clear-cut, significant thoughts are regular and symmetrical in form, while confused thoughts have wavy outlines. … Rays of soul-warmth issue from every manifestation of growth and development, while everything in the process of decay, destruction, ruin, gives an impression of cold.” ~Rudolf Steiner

A Warm Soul

Since I am writing this on a cold winter morning with snow in the area, I can relate to the idea of warmth being a good thing. When Steiner speaks of a warm soul, however, it shouldn’t be taken literally. Standing over a fire won’t “warm” the soul. Others say the idea is to fill the soul with light. I think that expresses it better, although warmth is not a bad analogy.

Organs of Soul

When Mr. Steiner speaks of soul organs, it can be a little confusion. We don’t think of the soul as having organs. It seems obvious to me, however, that what he is talking about is the chakras or energy centers that we are probably all familiar with.

These energy centers actually exist on three levels and only one level relates directly to the soul. On the lowest level, the third dimension of matter, the chakras relate to specific organs. At the higher level of the psychic or astral body, they relate to thoughts and emotions. This level also relates to the mundane soul or animal soul. The third level of energy centers exists in the spiritual body, usually just called the spirit. This is also the level of the Divine Soul. The four energy centers on this level each relate to one of the major aspects of life. Continue reading “Warm Soul from Happy Thoughts, Positive Thoughts”


Words, Words, Limit My Mind (and Spirit)

“’Why do you say that out language will not permit of clearer conception than you give?’

‘Because your education does not permit you to think outside of words; you are word bound. …Every thought you indulge in is circumscribed. You presumably attempt to throw a thought-line forward, and yet you step backwards and spin it in words that have been handed to you from the past. …. All educated men use words in thinking of their subjects, words that came to them from the past, and enslave their intellect. … Each thought ramification is an offshoot from words that express ideas and govern idea, yes, create ideas, even dominating the mind. … When a new thought is thrust into a language, its intent must be introduced by words already known, after which it conveys a meaning derived from the past.’” John Uni Lloyd

Words and More

Words do trap us in the past. But they are not the only thing that does so. When we are infants, we learn everything from scratch, and amass an astounding amount of knowledge and data in our first few years on Earth. But much of that data comes to us through words being taught to us by our parents and others. Every parent is rightfully proud to hear their baby say “Mama,” or “Dada,” for the first time. Few realize that by equating themselves to a word, though, they have declared themselves no different that a million other parents.

Eventually, we reach a point in infant learning where everything is expressed in words. At that stage, we have become trapped by the past. Anything new we learn is related in words. These new words are explained with the words we already know creating word chains in our mind. So even something we learn new is immediately chained to the past. Continue reading “Words, Words, Limit My Mind (and Spirit)”

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Spiritual Light, Christ, God, and Truth

“At His birth a star of Light shone in the air; when He was baptized light flashed from the water; at His death, the sun was darkened in the firmament; … at His Epiphany the luminaries arose with Him. …Revealed was His Glory because of His Majesty; He has poured forth His attributes on them that were His. …
“Lo! The East in the morning was made light! … His birth flowed on and was joined to His baptism. … And like as, save by the door of birth, none can enter into creation; save by the door of resurrection, none can enter the Kingdom.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

Light of Christ

Light is always associated with Christ, Jesus, and God. This is sometimes an allegorical reference, but also a literal one. Christ, as the first “Child” of God is the Light, the carrier of Light. But when talking about light, we always must talk in relative terms. What is light in the physical world, is darkness in the spiritual worlds. The Spiritual Light is the true Light.  When you light a candle in a room that has been in complete darkness, it seems very bright. But if you light a candle in a room that was previously lit by several bright light bulbs, it will seem dark. That is what it is like to compare Spiritual Light to the physical.

So Christ is the bearer of Spiritual Light, which originates with God, and come to us through the Spiritual Sun. This is why God, Christ, and all holy people are associated with light, while the evil ones, and those who turn against God, are the dark ones. Continue reading “Spiritual Light, Christ, God, and Truth”

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Magic, White and Black, Spiritual and Material

“The white magician would impart to other souls the spiritual life he bears within him. The black magician has the urge to kill, to create a void around him in the astral world because this void affords him a field in which his egoistic desires may disport themselves. He needs the power which he acquires by taking the vital force of everything that lives, that is to say, by killing it. That is why the first sentence on the tables of black magic is: Life must be conquered. …
“It is for this reason that the Occult Brotherhoods decided to demonstrate and reveal the hidden truths. For humanity is passing through a crisis and must be helped to regain health and equilibrium. Only by virtue of spirituality can this health and equilibrium be restored.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Black & White Magic

While Mr. Steiner’s description of black and white magic is true, it is overly simplistic. It’s like a children’s book where there is no doubt who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. As adults, we know that real life is rarely so cut and dry. In between the purest white and the blackest black are many shades of gray. We need to recognize that and account for it. Let’s look at the attributes of the white magician and black magician, or more accurately, the servants of God and Light and the servants of Satan and Darkness.

Servants of Light

The servants of Light do try to impart spiritual life to others, but that comes only after a good deal of preliminary work. So don’t assume that because an adept or spiritual initiate isn’t trying to teach others, that he is practicing dark magic. He may simply have not yet reached that stage where he can safely teach others. Continue reading “Magic, White and Black, Spiritual and Material”