Sun's Impact

“These Dawns have raised their banner; in the eastern half of the mid-air they spread abroad their shining light. …Creating light for all the world of life, the Dawn hath laid the darkness open as the cow does the stall.
“We have beheld the brightness of her shining; it spreads and drives away the darksome monster. Like tints that deck the Post at sacrifices, Heaven’s Daughter hath attained her wondrous splendor. We have o’erpast the limit of this darkness; Dawn breaking forth again brings clear perception.
“She like a flatterer smiles in light for glory, and fair of face hath wakened to rejoice us. … O thou who shinest forth in wondrous glory, urged onward by they strength, auspicious Lady, Dawn, may I gain that wealth …” ~The Rig Veda

Heaven’s Daughter

It is, I think, unusual for the sun to be considered female. Not that it matters since male and female are things of Earth and matter, not spirit. Of course, the physical sun is a thing of matter, but that is not the sun of interest here. The sun which carries the Light of God is the spiritual sun, not the physical.

Light of Life

This Dawn brings the “light of life” into the world. But there are many kinds of life. The physical sun certainly brings life to plants. It is not so obvious that it gives life to animals, yet it does. The light, the vibrations, from the physical sun brings life to all of the world of matter. But the sun of matter does little on the spiritual level.

Heaven’s Daughter, or the Spiritual Sun, gives life to the spirit and soul, in a sense. Since spirits are immortal, and have no beginning or end, it can’t actually give life. What it does is awaken the spirit and soul from a deep sleep, a dormant state.

This awakening of the spirit has often been compared to an egg hatching. The egg contains life all along, but it doesn’t truly experience it until hatched. Likewise, the immortal spirit and soul are always alive, but can’t really experience life until awakened from that deep sleep by Heaven’s Daughter.

Driving Away the Dark

The Rig Veda says that Heaven’s Daughter drives away the “darksome monster.” this is more than just the obvious fact that light drives away darkness. It means that the spiritual light drives away the devils and demons that seek to control us and enslave us. These dark beings are real, though not much like they are usually depicted by artists.

There is a paradox to it, though. While the dark ones can be driven away by the Light, they are also attracted to it. As a cold animal might be attracted by a campfire, demons who have lost their Light, desire it, yet do not want other to have it.

But this Dawn of Heaven’s Daughter brings “clear perception”. It is this clear perception that helps drive away the demons. When we are fully aware, we know how they work, When we know how they work, we can block their attempts to control us. When we have achieved Gnosis through gazing at that Spiritual Sun, we can not be deceived by their lies, or the lies of those they control in media and politics. So let heaven’s Daughter bring a New dawn to you.


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