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“All mystical thinkers agree in declaring that there is a mutual attraction between the Spark of the Soul, the free divine germ in man, and the Fount from which it came forth. ‘We long for the Absolute,’ says Royce, ‘only so far as in us the Absolute also longs, and seeks, through our very temporal striving, the peace that is nowhere in Time, but only, and yet absolutely, in Eternity.’ … The homeward journey of man’s spirit, then, may be thought of as due to the push of a divine life within, answering to the pull of a divine life without. It is only possible because there is already in that spirit a certain kinship with the Divine.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Mutual Attraction

Our soul is attracted to the Great Soul of God. All great mystics and spiritual teachers have said this in one way or another. You cannot turn it off anymore than you can stop steel from being drawn to a powerful magnet. You can block the steel object from being pulled to the magnet, but the attraction remains.

Many people don’t feel that attraction. The most common reason for this is simply that the person has not awakened his spiritual faculties with the light of the spiritual sun. Even so, a small attraction remains hidden below his conscious awareness. It is why some people who have so much still feel that something is missing.

We have probably all heard that opposites attract. It isn’t true. Opposite poles attract, not opposite things. So a magnetic south is attracted to a magnetic north, but not to something that isn’t magnetic at all. A male frog is attracted by a female frog, but not to a desert lizard.

In some modern science fiction movies, there are scenes where a robot is blown to pieces, but then the pieces are drawn together and again and the robot reforms. It is similar to that. When God gave us Souls created in His Image, those Souls are essentially tiny pieces of His overall Soul. They are attracted to the Greater Soul because they are part of it.

Nowhere in Time

Mr. Royce says that we strive for a peace that is “nowhere in Time”. This sounds like he is saying that such a piece can never be found, but he isn’t. Because he capitalized “Time,” it has a different meaning than you might assume. He is saying that this great peace can be found only outside the realm of Time. In other words, it can be found only in the words of spirit where time doesn’t exist.

Push and Pull

As a retired Software Engineer, I am familiar with push and pull technology. When a software company sends updates to your computer automatically, that is a type of push technology. If you have to go to their website and request an update, that is pull technology.

If a car is stuck in mud or snow, people will often try to help by pushing from behind. In a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle, this is combining push and pull and is often effective. An even better example is gravity. All bodies are drawn to each other by gravity. But a larger body does it more than the smaller one. So the sun pulls on the earth far more than earth pulls on the sun.

So the pull of God on our soul is greater than the pull of our soul’s on God. This is good because we want our souls to be drawn to God, not to pull God down to our level. But which side pulls and which side pushes doesn’t really matter. The important thing is our soul and God’s Soul have a mutual attraction and we should all listen to that attraction and do our best to bring about the reunification.


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