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“In the Intuition Age, what used to be supernatural becomes natural and normal. What we’ve known as human becomes ‘new human.’ Today’s high-frequency reality is refining our sensory perception and allowing us to run more energy through our circuits and brain tracks. Just as there are things we couldn’t have known about before now, there are abilities we haven’t been able to develop in the old climate of slowness and limitation. There’s a reason our movies and books are filled with stories of superheroes with superpowers today—the collective consciousness is priming us to be able to do many amazing new things, without the aid of technology.” ~Penney Peirce

A Changing World

We are definitely seeing the world changing around us, and the rate of change is getting faster. Almost everyone will agree with that. Some see this change as a bad thing, but others don’t. As with most things, some is bad, some is good. It would be nice if all the change was positive, but because of the nature of the physical plane of reality, everything must have its opposite, so the good must be countered with the bad. And then there are those who confuse the two, or think that all change is bad and we should cling to the past as it goes down the drain.


Ms. Peirce says that all the stories we are seeing these days of superheroes is intended to prepare us for changes in ourselves and in others around us. I totally agree. Rather that say this comes from the collective consciousness though, I would rather say it comes from Muses. The Muses in this case are advanced spiritual beings, angels in some cases, transformed humans in others, who are trying to help. They are like the person throwing a rope to someone who has fallen into an old well. Those of us in the well would be smart to grab on and be pulled out with the help of those advanced beings.


Tales of superheroes are becoming ever more popular. This should be considered strange behavior on our part since we like to see others as being like us, or at least not superior to us. The only reason it has become acceptable, even popular, to admire superheroes is that in some way we are seeing ourselves becoming superheroes, even if only subconsciously.

We can become superheroes, but it won’t be by having super strength, the ability to fly, or x-ray vision. By developing our spiritual self and becoming, as the United States Army says, all that we can be, we become super beings. We may not be able to lift a truck, but we will be able to lift ourselves and other out of the dark, dank hole of materialism. Perhaps we won’t be able to fly to the moon, but we will be able to travel (in a sense) to higher dimensions and gain knowledge in those places. We may not get x-ray vision, but we will be able to see beyond the material to the psychic and spiritual levels of reality.

The superhero has to help and sometimes save others in those superhero movies. We will have to do the same. When we become spiritual superheroes, we will be obligated to help others develop their spiritual faculties, and protect others from the dark beings that try to prevent such development.

So don’t just read about superheroes, or see them in movies, become one. Then help other do the same until the Golden Men of Eldorado (spiritual superheroes) outnumber the lead and tin men of materialism. Then the entire world can transform.


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