Quiet Waters

“Lo! Quiet waters are before you—holy and tranquil and pleasant—for they are not the waters of contention that cast Joseph into the dungeon. … Nor are they waters of strife. … There are waters whereby there is reconciliation made with Heaven. … In it are baptized the sons of Hagar, and are become gentle and peaceful.
“In the beginning the Spirit that brooded moved on the waters; they conceived and gave birth. … The Holy Spirit has brooded in Baptism, and in mystery has give birth to eagles. … Lo! They are baptized and they become virgins and saints.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

Quiet Waters

White water rafting may be great fun, but for those seeking spiritual growth, calmer waters are better. The Quiet Water is the water of spirit. Water is symbolic of both cleansing and growth. This quiet water does both. It cleanses us of false beliefs and false life styles. It nourishes our spirits and souls allowing them to grow just as water helps plants to grow in the garden.

Waters of Contention

St. Ephraim says those quiet waters are not like the waters of contention. The waters of contention are those forces that turn us away from spirit, make us materialistic. They are the forces that make us turn o one another. Greed, fear, and other negative motions are carried on these waters.

Water Discoveries

WaterCrystalJSome incredible things have been discovered about water in the last few decades. Dr. Emoto in Japan fond that the crystals formed in frozen water are very different when different emotional words are sent to the water. Positive words like “Love” and “Thank you” produced beautiful, symmetrical crystals while negative ones lie “I Hate You” produced ugly ones. Other studies have shown that in area where water is polluted, the people tend to be more violent then in areas with clean water.

Spiritual Waters

Take the discoveries about physical water and apply them to the quiet waters of spirit: the Light of the Spiritual Sun. When we are filled with positive thoughts, positive beliefs, and an open mind, those “waters” can not only nourish the spirit and soul, but bring them knowledge and wisdom. But when we live in anger, greed, and fear, we pollute those waters and they can’t function properly. That is why sages and spiritual teachers, including Jesus, have always taught that what we think is as important as what we do. Thought is energy and energy does work. And the sun amplifies that energy and bounces it back to us.

So bathe in the quiet waters. Drink the quiet waters. Stay away from the waters of contention as much as possible. And don’t pollute the quiet waters. Instead, make an effort to send positive thoughts of love, peace, and joy to float on those quiet waters, the Light of the Spiritual Sun.

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