sacred brotherhood, community of light

“Our community has existed ever since the first day of creation, when God spoke the word, ‘Let there be light,’ and it will continue to exist until the end of time. It is the society of the children of light, whose bodies are formed of light, and who live in the light forever. … The mysteries which we know embrace everything that can possible be known in regard to God, Nature, and Man. … Our place of meeting is the temple of the Holy Spirit pervading all nature, easily found by the Elect, but forever hidden from the eyes of the vulgar. … Our secrecy is not caused by an unwillingness to give; but by the incapacity to receive on the part of those that ask for instruction.” ~Franz Hartmann

The Community

Many reading the quote will quickly point out that there have been many spiritual and mystery schools throughout the ages. That is true, but they are really all one community.

In ancient times, there were schools in Egypt, Greece, and elsewhere. They had different names and the details of their teachings varied, but in essence were the same. Likewise, the Essene communities of Judea, the Therapeutae of Egypt, and similar groups in other times and location were really all one community and considered themselves so. Although Historians only consider the Essenes to have existed for a century or two, the Essenes themselves claimed to have been in existence for thousands of years under many different names. And they are awakening again today under different names including the community of Cosolargy in the United States (but with members in many nations).

Light Beings

Hartmann says this community is the children of light. In a sense, that is true, but exaggerated. They are the community that seeks to be in the Light. Members try to live in the Light. They try to live in a way that is beneficial to their spiritual growth, and they help others do the same. But they are not yet Beings of Light, only seekers of Light. They have more Light than the average person, but are not pure Light. A being of pure spirit, pure Light, cannot exist on the material plane, cannot function here. Only after leaving this plane can one become pure Light. Yet the process has to begin here, so those doing so are called Children of Light.

The Community Temple

Mr. Hartmann says the temple of this community of Light is the Holy Spirit. He says that “Temple” is easily found by the elect. On that, we differ. The various mystery and spiritual schools throughout the ages have made a great effort to reach and awaken those “Elect”, those few who are ready to learn. They would not have done so if it wasn’t necessary.

It is said that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. The other side of that story is that no matter how thirsty the horse gets, if he can’t find water, he will die thirsty. So spiritual schools have to reach out to find those who are ready for what they teach, but without revealing too much to those who would misuse it. It’s a delicate balancing act, but building and maintaining that community is worth the effort.


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