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Noble Knowledge and the Pearl of Wisdom

“No money, nor goods, nor Art, nor Power, can bring you to the eternal Rest of the eternal soft Meekness of Paradise; but only the noble Knowledge; into that you may wrap up your soul. That is the Pearl which no moth can eat, nor thief can steal away. Therefore, seek after it, and then you will find the noble treasure.
“Our Wit [intellect] is so very hard bound up that we have no more Knowledge of Paradise at all. And except we be born again anew by Water and The Holy Ghost, the Veil of Moses lies continually before our eyes” ~Jacob Boehme

Seeking Paradise

The quest for spiritual enlightenment, or for higher consciousness, can also be considered a quest for Paradise. When you reach the frequency of a dimension, you will find yourself in that dimension. So when you develop your spiritual faculties and raise your level of consciousness until you achieve Cosmic Consciousness (or Christ Consciousness), you will find yourself in Paradise.

That also means that those who are not in Paradise, have not achieved that ultimate level of consciousness, no matter how hard they like to believe they have. Some of them may have achieved it for very brief periods of time, but they are not living at that level continuously. Still, achieving that level of consciousness, even briefly, turns men into supermen who accomplish great things. Continue reading “Noble Knowledge and the Pearl of Wisdom”

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Intellect and Higher Levels of Consciousness

“As man advances in the Mental Consciousness he begins to develop a constantly increasing degree and grade of intellect, and accordingly he attaches the greatest importance to that part of his nature. Some men worship intellect as a God, ignoring its limitations which other thinkers have pointed out. … They ignore the fact that it is possible that Man’s Intellect, in its present state of unfoldment, may be able to take cognizance of only a very small part of the Universal Fact, and that there may be regions upon regions of Reality and Fact of which he cannot even dream. …

“Nevertheless, from this Mental Consciousness has come the wonderful work of intellect, as shown in the achievements of Man up to this time.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Intellect and Reason

There is no doubt that many have such great admiration for human intellect that they worship it as if it were a god. Some even act as if it were the one and only God.

A popular one we see on social media lately is about how science facts do not stop being facts simply because fools don’t believe. While they have a point, we can sight incidences where science was absolutely certain that something was true, then a new discovery changed that truth into fantasy. I don’t think they even realize how much they sound like religious fanatics when they talk about science and intellect as gods that cannot be questioned. Continue reading “Intellect and Higher Levels of Consciousness”

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Virtue of Spirit Requires Overcoming Obstacles

“There appear to be four obstacles which hinder the intellect in the acquisition of virtue. First, there is prepossession, that is, the ingrained influence of habits running counter to virtue; and this,operative over a long period, exerts a pressure which drags the intellect down toward earthly thing. Secondly, there is the action of the senses, stimulated by sensible beauty and drawing the intellect after it. Thirdly, there is the dulling of noetic energy due to the intellect’s connection with the body. … The fourth of the obstacles impeding the intellect in acquisition of virtue is the pernicious influence of unclean and hostile demons. It is impossible to speak of all the various snares they set on the spiritual path.” ~The Philokalia

Obstacles to Virtue

There clearly are obstacles to a life of virtue. The spiritual student must be aware of them if he is to succeed in his quest. There are a number of ways to group these obstacles that different schools and religions have used. That found in The Philokalia is as good as any other.

Habits, Bad and Good

Habits are generally a good thing. Many may not believe that, but it is true. We can walk because after falling many times as a baby, we learned to do it properly and keep our balance while we did. It became a habit. Eating, getting dressed, driving a car, and so on are all possible because they become habits. If we got into our car every morning and had to learn how to drive all over again, we would soon give up and take public transportation. It is only when it becomes a habit that we become comfortable with driving, swimming, walking, dancing, and many other things. Continue reading “Virtue of Spirit Requires Overcoming Obstacles”

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Reward Seeking is not the Path to Spiritual Growth

“Evil is often the result of over-anxiety, and men are always trying to do too much, they are not content to leave well alone, to do always just what the occasion demands and no more; … One of the subtlest forms of this evil is the hope and desire of reward. Many there are who, albeit often unconsciously, are yet spoiling all their efforts by entertaining the idea of reward. …
“The goal of the aspirant for spiritual wisdom is entrance upon a higher plane of existence; he is to become a new man, more perfect in every way. …This is how that Adept becomes endowed with marvelous powers that have been so often described, but the main point to be remembered is, that these powers are the natural accompaniments of existence on a higher plane of evolution … The only mission is to rekindle the torch or truth, so long extinguished all but the very few, and to keep that truth alive by the formation of a fraternal union of mankind.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Doing Too Much

While this may have been true when Blavatsky wrote it, I don’t think it is today. I don’t think we really see people trying to do too much and refusing to let well enough alone. On the contrary, we have a society that seeks every possible way to make life as easy as possible, then join a health club because they are not getting any exercise.

Where we do fit this description is that we have this idea that if we work harder and longer at something, we will complete the task sooner. This approach work with some things, but not with others. You can’t have a baby in three months instead of nine by trying harder. Likewise, you can’t achieve spiritual enlightenment in a week or two just by trying really hard. Some things just have to unfold slowly, and spiritual growth is one of them. If too much truth is revealed too quickly, it can cause the student to go mad, and has done so to some. Continue reading “Reward Seeking is not the Path to Spiritual Growth”