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“The mystics are artists; and the stuff in which they work is most often human life. They want to heal the disharmony between the actual and the real: and since, in the white-hot radiance of that faith, hope, and charity which burns in them, they discern such a reconciliation to be possible, they are able to work for it with a singleness of purpose and an invincible optimism denied to other men. This was the instinct which drove St. Francis of Assisi to the practical experience of that poverty which he recognized as the highest wisdom; … St. Teresa to the formation of an ideal religious family; … Florence Nightingale to battle with officials, vermin, dirt, and disease in the soldiers hospitals. …” ~Evelyn Underhill

Mystics as Artists

Mystics are artists in the sense of being creators and agents of change. If they don’t make the changes them selves, they are either helping others to do so, or working with God and the angels to make it happen. They are not artists of chaos. They are not artists who seek to reveal the dark and slimy underbelly of life on the material plane. Instead they are



seekers of beauty, much like painter Georgia O’Keeffe saw beauty in the desert where she lived.

Mystics as Healers

The mystic life is also the life of a healer. Not that mystics typically spend much time healing illnesses of the physical body, though a few of them do. Most do not because the laws governing the material plane require a payment for such favors, which usually means that the healer will get sick as a result of healing another.

The mystic heals in a different way and on a different level of being. They are healers because they don’t randomly seek changes as some unenlightened artists do. They seek to change the world, and all of us in it, by making the world a better place, and us better people worthy of living in that better place. They are healers because the seek to heal the rift between the spiritual realms and the material. They are healers because they help men awaken their dormant spiritual faculties allowing them to develop into the type of being capable of living in that reconciled world much like a young salmon must change from a fresh-water fish into a salt-water fish as it makes its journey from the river where it was born into the great expanse of the seas (that makes a great metaphor for the journey of man from material being to a fully developed spiritual being, doesn’t it?)

Healers of Life

Mystics are healers of life because they don’t develop their spiritual side and gain great spiritual knowledge (Gnosis) just to lord over others or take their land and money. They do it for the betterment of all, even, on occasion, when they themselves suffer as a consequence (that’s the demons and devils fighting back). They heal life, they heal the world, they heal the dimension of matter because they know that is the only thing that can save us in the long run.


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