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“All of us spend so much of our time in a world of the mundane and minutia, bogged down in the everyday grind, isolated and disconnected in our closeted lives, that we lose sight of the breathtaking extraordinariness of our existence. So step out from the ordinary … and get used to the extraordinary.
“Reach out and recapture the wonderment that absorbed your childhood, that filled every waking moment with sheer fascination of new discoveries, however simple …Then immerse yourself in anything that uplifts and inspires you, that reminds you of the extraordinary potential and raw power of the human spirit and moves you to your very soul. … And then remind yourself of the astonishing order and design underlying all life.”
~Elizabeth Brown in “Dowsing the Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century”.

The Mundane World

Most of us certainly don’t thing of our day-to-day life as mundane, yet it is for nearly all of us. We do the same things over and over, work at the same job, listen to the same music, have the same hobbies, and so on. Often the only time we change is any significant way is when either circumstances for us too, such as when a flood destroys our home and we are forced to move elsewhere, or when some crisis happens that causes us to rethink matters, such as when a relative or friend dies.

In my case, it was after my younger brother died. Partly, it made me realize that I really was mortal, something we generally avoid thinking about. And when I looked around me at what I and most others did as our regular lives, I found it lacking in significance. I had been involved to a small degree in spiritual studies before his death, but it was only after that I became serious about it. Nothing makes you stop and think about the afterlife more than death.

The Wonderment

Ms. Brown advises us to recapture the wonderment of a child. Jesus said essentially the same thing. A child, especially an infant, sees all things as new, different, and worthy of exploration. As we get a little older, we start categorizing things, putting them in boxes with similar things, and ignoring the small differences. Eventually, after we have done that for some time, we no longer even see the differences. Yes, we see that Sue doesn’t look like Anne, but when we see them as just members of a category, we don’t get to learn what is individual about them.

In scientific studies, our scientists have sadly done much the same. They seem less interested in discovering the new and the different than they are in figuring out how to categorize everything. When they do find something they can’t fit into a box, they just shove it aside and ignore it, when those are the things they should be studying the most.

Step Into the Extraordinary

Brown tells us to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary and I completely agree. Of course, there are limits to that, and we also have to be sensible about it. If we see being a law-abiding citizen as “ordinary”, then we might think that murdering someone might be a way to experience the extraordinary. It would, but it is a stupid way to do it. Besides, trading one act for another, while staying strictly on the level of matter, is like thinking we are changing by putting on a different pair of socks.

There is really only one way to seek the extraordinary in this world so wrapped up in the material, and that is to get away from matter entirely and explore your spiritual side. This doesn’t mean you need to join a church, especially since most of the popular ones have themselves drifted away from the spiritual and become mere social institutes of the material world. It means that you have to personally explore the realms of spirit and you start that by awakening your spiritual faculties: your spirit and soul.

If you had decided to take up SCUBA diving, one of the first things you would do is buy the necessary gear. Another would be to find a good school that teaches SCUBA and sign up for lessons. The exploration of the “sea” of spirit requires that you have a certain minimum of appropriate “gear” also, and that is an awakened spirit and soul. You can get tools like crystals, incense, music, and so on to help, but only with an awakened soul can you enter spiritual realms and learn about them. Your body cannot go there, and neither can your mind. The spiritual realms would cease being spiritual if matter and mind could enter them, so they can’t. To enter the worlds of spirit, you must “travel” as an awakened soul. Ms. Brown says there is an “astonishing order and design underlying all life,” and she is correct. But to see that order as it truly is, you must explore the source, and that is the worlds of spirit, not matter. So listen to her and explore the extraordinary.


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