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“It is intensely interesting to follow season after season the rapid evolution and change of public thought in the direction of the mystical. The educated mind is most undeniably attempting to free itself from the heavy fetters of materialism. The ugly caterpillar is writhing in the agonies of death, under the powerful efforts of the psychic butterfly to escape from its science-built prison, and every day brings some new glad tidings of one or more such mental births to light. …
“The reader has but to throw a retrospective glance at the publications of the last few years to find that such topics as Mysticism, Magic, Sorcery, Spiritualism, … are becoming predominant in every kind of literature.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Spiritual Evolution

If I didn’t know that Blavatsky wrote all her books approximately one hundred years ago, I might think this was written last year. I can’t really say much about the popular literature of her day (I’m not that old!), but it is certainly true that the interest in the mystical the spiritual, and the occult has drastically increased in the past few decades. In the nineteen-fifties we were reading about cowboys in the Zane Grey books or The Hardy Boys. Now it’s Harry Potter and the Twilight series with witches, vampires, werewolves, and so on. Granted, these are all fictional series, but there has also been an increase in serious spiritual and mystical literature also. And even if it is mostly fantasy fiction, they do help open minds to the idea that the world of the materialist isn’t all that there is.

Everything goes through cycles, and we say a return to near total materialism during most of the twentieth century. We are now beginning to see the pendulum swing the other way, though to many, that may not seem to be true. We are continuing to see church attendance dropping and many churches shutting down, but that does not contradict this growing awareness of the need to develop our spiritual self. Most of the conventional churches have got caught up in the lazy way out and the false belief that we need do nothing to assure our spiritual awakening, Jesus or some other great prophet did it all for us. As people wake up to the fact that such teachings are nonsense put out to placate and control the masses, they leave those churches and seek something higher.

The Big Bash

Just as one generally has some practice at holding small parties before throwing a huge blowout with hundreds of guests, so in the realm of spiritual evolution and consciousness we start out with many small “parties” that will become the one big one. We have seen such things as Positive Thinking, Meditation, Visualization, Mindfulness, and many others have their day in the sun, but while all of them have value, none are the complete truth and none lead to complete spiritual awakening for most who follow them. The big party, the one that results in true expansion of consciousness, not just wishing for it; the one that results in a true awakening of the spirit and soul, not just a desire for it, remains a rarity. Fortunately, that is changing and such teachings on spiritual evolution that were hidden in the past are now coming forth and being made available to the general public. We can only hope that soon, many will join the party and the spirituality evolution of man can proceed rapidly.


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