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True Reality and the Soul

“Since the soul, according to mystic principles, can only perceive Reality in proportion as she is real, know God by becoming Godlike, it is clear that this [spiritual] birth is the initial necessity. … We have already considered the New Birth in it purely psychological aspect, as the emergence of the transcendental sense. Here its more profound and mystical side is exhibited. By a process which may indifferently be described as the birth of something new or the coming forth of something which has slept—since both these phrases are but metaphors for another and more secret operation—the eye is opened on Eternity, the self, abruptly made aware of Reality. … Then she feels in her innermost part a new presence, a new consciousness. … This change, this upsetting, is called rebirth.” ~Evelyn Underhill

True Reality and the Soul

Materialists would undoubtedly consider this nonsense. “How can only the soul, even if it exists, be the only thing that can perceive Reality?” they would reply. “I see reality every day,” the would insist. “I see my house, my car, my street, myself in the mirror. I see my wife, my kids, my dogs, I see reality just fine.” Yes, they may see reality just fine, but they don’t see true Reality at all. The difference is that what they call reality is actually illusion, while true Reality, spiritual Reality, remains hidden to them, and will always remain hidden to the senses of the physical body. Which is why Underwood, reflecting the opinions of many great spiritual teachers, says the only way to know this true and permanent Reality is through the soul. Continue reading “True Reality and the Soul”

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Higher Knowledge and Learning

“Anyone having advanced some way in the attainment of higher knowledge knows that he owes everything to quiet attention and active reflection, and not to willful personal judgment. We should always bear in mind that we do not need to learn what we are already able to judge. Therefore if our sole intention is to judge, we can learn nothing more. Esoteric training, however, centers in learning; we must have absolutely the good will to be learners. If we cannot understand something, it is far better not to judge than to judge adversely. We can wait until later for a true understanding. The higher we climb the ladder of knowledge, the more do we require the faculty of listening with quiet devotion.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Attaining Higher Knowledge

I think almost everyone will agree that attaining higher knowledge, whether of a spiritual nature or just knowledge of the physical world, requires study of some sort. This can be reading book, listening to videos, taking classes, or becoming an apprentice to an expert in the field you want to study. But as Mr. Steiner rightfully points out, if you take in information for the sole purpose of judging it, than you cannot really learn from it and you are wasting your time.

Of course, you do have to judge things you are reading, hearing on the news, or being taught in a class in a sense, but not in the way that most people do it. What Steiner is talking about is those of us who have preconceived opinions about nearly everything. As a result, we will listen to someones whose opinion we agree with, we will buy his books, attend her seminars, watch her videos, and so on. But if the person is teaching something contrary to our own beliefs, we don’t want to hear it. We tune them out and judge them as fools or liars. Continue reading “Higher Knowledge and Learning”

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Drunk on Illusion and Matter

“Men on earth judge of men not by what they are, but by what they seem to be. The physical form is apparent to the sense of sight, the real man is unseen. However, as the boot that encloses a foot cannot altogether hide the form of the foot within, so they body that encloses the life entity cannot but exhibit here and there the character of the dominating spirit within. … Even on surface earth, where the matter side of man dominates, a vicious spirit will produce a villainous countenance. … Could you see the real drunkard on surface earth he would be largely outside the body shell, and hideous in the extreme.” ~John Uri Lloyd

What you See

It is a curious bit of synchronicity that I should read this section of Mr. Lloyd’s book as I am also reading the last volume of Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein in which the most horrible monster creation of Victor Frankenstein are such incredibly handsome young men and beautiful young women that people think they must be angels, until they start to change.

We are told that a person who may appear quite attractive as a physical being, may be somewhat different on the mental and spiritual levels. I’m sure most of us have met such a person at some time in their life. You think this must be a very nice person because he is so well dressed, well groomed, and has a pleasant smile, etc. but after you talk to them for a while, you began re realize that their personality is not what you expected. Lloyd says that the ugly foot cannot hide forever in a boot that makes it appear normal and that eventually the evil that hides within will start to show on the outside. While that is probably true in most cases, it doesn’t happen in all. There are those who will remain physically attractive while being murderers, rapists, arsonists, and even worse things. Continue reading “Drunk on Illusion and Matter”

Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland Activation and Dreams

“What is the dream? It is an activity which has survived from prehistoric times. To understand it by analogy, let us consider certain phenomena which do not any longer belong, properly speaking, to physical life—organs which have now become useless, rudimentary organisms of which the naturalist can make nothing. Such are the motor organs of the ear and eye which function no longer, the appendix, and, notably, the pineal gland in the brain which has the form of a tiny pine cone. Naturalists explain this as a product of degeneration, as a parasitic growth in the brain. This is not correct. … The pineal gland is the surviving remnant of an organ of great significance in primitive man, an organ of perception which served simultaneously as antenna, eye and ear. … The role played by the pineal gland was thus of great significance. But with the mineralization of the Earth, other organs of sense made their appearance, and with us the pineal gland has no apparent purpose.” ~Rudolf Steiner

The Dream

I’m not going to really get into dreams in this post. I left that line in the quote only because it was needed for completeness. Let’s just say that dreams are many things. Some are just the mind rehashing things that happened during the previous day, sorting them, linking them to past events, and so on. Others can be the result of foods you eat, for example, eating beans in the evening can result in vivid nightmares that are meaningless. Beyond both of those, however, are dreams that are meaningful, dreams that are prophetic. It is not always easy to know which is which just after awakening from a dream, so it is always best to write down what you remember of the dream so you can study it later.

The Pineal Gland

Even though scientists now know that the pineal gland secretes useful hormones such as melatonin, they still consider it a somewhat atrophied gland of a type called a photoreceptor, a simple eye that can sense light. Wikipedia notes that the pineal exists in most vertebrate species except the hagfish.



The hagfish being a very primitive species is believed to have existed before development of the pineal. That indicates to me that the pineal is not a primitive gland that is disappearing, but one that developed out of need. So why does it seem to be atrophied in modern man?

The pineal is more of a spiritual gland than a physical one. Or it might be more accurate to say it is a kind of link between our spiritual self and our physical self. It is often called the third eye and is believed in many spiritual schools to be the “eye” the allows psychic visions or the ability to see into the future. Many spiritual schools say that the awakening of this gland is essential to spiritual enlightenment. But how to do it.

A search online will reveal herbs, foods, exercises and many other things said to awaken the pineal. Remember, however, that even the scientists say this gland is a photoreceptor. It is activated by light. It needs light to grow. This is where it gets tricky, though. If you expose it almost exclusively to physical light, you will only awaken it on a physical level and possible the psychic level, not the spiritual. In order to awaken it on the spiritual level, you need to expose it to spiritual Light. Fortunately, the primary source of physical light is also the primary source of spiritual Light. That source is the sun. Sunlight awakens the pineal gland on the lower levels, and the Light of the spiritual sun awakens it on higher levels. Since the spiritual sun is a spirit, it exists everywhere and always, but for practical purposes it can be considered to be in the same general location as the physical sun. So looking toward the physical sun with the eyes nearly closed1, and take in a little physical light with a lot of spiritual light. It also helps to tune in to the correct frequencies, but those are advanced teachings that can’t be shared on a public blog.

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