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“Things have strangely altered since the days of antiquity, when the truly wise made it their first duty to conceal their knowledge, deeming it too sacred to even mention before the ‘hoi polloi‘. … There was a time when the acquiring of Divine Wisdom (Sapientia) required the sacrifice and devotion of a man’s whole life. It depended on such things as the purity of the candidate’s motives, on his fearlessness and independence of spirit; but now, to receive a patent for wisdom and adept-ship requires only unblushing impudence. … Tell the public that now, even as of old, the genuine and sincere observer of life and its underlying phenomena may become a “wise” man, in the terrestrial sense of the word, but nowhere will a materialist wrench from nature any secret on a higher plane—and you will be laughed to scorn. …Nature gives up her innermost secrets nd imparts true wisdom only to him who seeks truth for its own sake, and who craves knowledge in order to confer benefits on others, …” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Times Past

If this is how Blavatsky felt about the society of man a hundred years ago, I wonder how she would look upon today’s rampant materialism and self-declared spiritual gurus who are move concerned with making piles of money than truly helping students awaken and develop the spiritual faculties that lie dormant in most of us. What would she say of states and countries that grant materialist schools the right to call themselves “Universities”, while denying that right to religious and spiritual schools, a word that originally meant those schools that teach universal wisdom rather than how to get a job in the material world?

The Present Age

Blavatsky did live in a different age, even if only a century ago. She was not in the Age of the Sun of Righteousness. She was not in the so-called End Times (meaning the end of the age of matter, not the end of everything) as we are now.

Today, true schools of spirituality and True Wisdom (or Divine Knowledge) cannot remain hidden and overly secretive. Because they don’t have the luxury of being able to build up a following of truly devoted students over several centuries, they are opening up a little and revealing some of the teachings—though far from all. An unfortunate side-effect of this is that many have come to the conclusion that this first-grade knowledge of the spiritual is all there is to it, and after reading a book on it, or attending a two-week seminar, they are now at the highest level of wisdom and knowledge achievable by man. As Blavatsky pointed out a hundred years ago—and it is even more true today—such is simply not the case. No one would think that their education is complete after first grade in a public school; the same is true of a spiritual one.

True Wisdom

Just as in Blavatsky’s time, and in the time of the great ancients that she mentions, this true wisdom does not happen overnight. In the age of the Internet, when one can get an answer to almost any question instantly (though not necessarily a true one) it is hard to accept that developing higher levels of consciousness requires years of study and work, but it still does. Just as the internet cannot, no matter how fast it gets, make a fetus in a womb reach maturity in a week, it cannot fully awaken the spirit and soul, and develop true wisdom, in a few weeks, or even a year. While modern conveniences do allow schools to teach things a little faster, and with a lot more convenience since lessons can be send out instantly by email to almost anywhere in the world, those faculties still take time to develop and mature. A ten-year-old is never going to be truly an adult, even if a government declares it so, and a spiritual student is never going to achieve true enlightenment, true wisdom (gnosis), from a short seminar, or by reading a book by this years hot spiritual guru. So if you are ready fro true spiritual development, consider joining a real spiritual school.


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