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Give Thanks to God and to The Spiritual Sun

“In the first year, mistress of treasure and filled with blessings, let the Cherubin give thanks with us, they who bear the Son in glory, …
In the second year let the Seraphim multiply thanksgiving with us; …
In the third year, let Michael and his hosts give thanks with us; …
In the forth year let all the heavens give thanks with us! …
In the fifth year let the Sun that burns the earth with its heat—give thanks to our Sun that he straitened His largeness—and tempered his force that the eye might endure to see Him; the inward eye of a pure soul; blessed be His radiance!” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

Give Thanks to God

W have many things to be thankful for, even those of us who suffer greatly in the world of matter. On the level of matter: we may be poor, but we can be thankful for a healthy body; we may be uneducated, but we can be thankful for common sense and intuition that helps guide us. On a higher level, even if we are poor, uneducated, and not particularly strong or healthy, we can be thankful for our immortal spirit and soul. Of course, it is hard to be thankful for them if we let them lie dormant and never make the effort to—with God’s help—awaken them and make use of them. Continue reading “Give Thanks to God and to The Spiritual Sun”

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A Pure Soul and Keeping it Pure

“It is less difficult to cleanse an impure soul than to restore to health a soul which was once cleansed but has been wounded anew. … This is due partly to the influence of bad habit and partly to the fact that the demon of objection is always dangling the image of sin before them. But with the co-operation of divine grace, a diligent and assiduous soul may readily achieve even this difficult feat of regaining its dispassion …
“No one among us can prevail by his own unaided strength over the devices and wiles of the evil one; he can prevail only through the invincible power of Christ. … Thus I entreat you neither to entrust everything to God and then fall asleep, nor to think, when you are striving diligently, that you will achieve everything by your own efforts.” ~The Philokalia

A Pure Soul

Rather than cleansing the soul, it would be more accurate to say awakening the soul. It is not that the soul of the materialistic types are soiled or rotten, but that they have never been awakened at all. I’m not sure it is always harder to reclaim a fallen soul than it is to initially awaken one, but it could be true in many cases.

One reason why it might be true is that you cannot really be blamed for having a dormant spirit and soul if no one has after taught you how to awaken those faculties, or even that it is necessary to do so. Once they have been awakened, however, and then you return to the world of materialism and give up on spiritual development, you now must accept at least some of the blame when you realize your mistake. In doing so, you admit that you are weak, and that does not put you in a good mental state to return to the spiritual. Continue reading “A Pure Soul and Keeping it Pure”

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Experience True Wisdom

“Things have strangely altered since the days of antiquity, when the truly wise made it their first duty to conceal their knowledge, deeming it too sacred to even mention before the ‘hoi polloi‘. … There was a time when the acquiring of Divine Wisdom (Sapientia) required the sacrifice and devotion of a man’s whole life. It depended on such things as the purity of the candidate’s motives, on his fearlessness and independence of spirit; but now, to receive a patent for wisdom and adept-ship requires only unblushing impudence. … Tell the public that now, even as of old, the genuine and sincere observer of life and its underlying phenomena may become a “wise” man, in the terrestrial sense of the word, but nowhere will a materialist wrench from nature any secret on a higher plane—and you will be laughed to scorn. …Nature gives up her innermost secrets nd imparts true wisdom only to him who seeks truth for its own sake, and who craves knowledge in order to confer benefits on others, …” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Times Past

If this is how Blavatsky felt about the society of man a hundred years ago, I wonder how she would look upon today’s rampant materialism and self-declared spiritual gurus who are move concerned with making piles of money than truly helping students awaken and develop the spiritual faculties that lie dormant in most of us. What would she say of states and countries that grant materialist schools the right to call themselves “Universities”, while denying that right to religious and spiritual schools, a word that originally meant those schools that teach universal wisdom rather than how to get a job in the material world? Continue reading “Experience True Wisdom”

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Dealing With Causation

“Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law” ~The Kybalion

“The principle of Cause and Effect embodies the truth that law pervades the universe; that nothing happens by chance. … The underlying principle of Cause and Effect has been accepted as correct by practically all the thinkers of the world worthy of the name. To think otherwise would be to take the phenomena of the universe from the domain of Law and Order, and to regulate it to the control of the imaginary something which men have called ‘chance’. … But a little consideration will show you there can be no such agent as ‘chance, in the sense of something outside of Law. … The existence of such a Something would render all natural Law ineffective.” ~Three Initiates


For many centuries, nearly all people have accepted cause and effect as a real thing. When a mining crew or construction engineer sets dynamite in a location to blow up a rock, he can be reasonably certain that the explosive will cause the rock it is under to explode. It won’t cause a random rock somewhere else to explode. It won’t send out streamer of confetti instead of exploding. It wont turn the rock into an elephant. It’s predictable. It follows laws, specifically the law of Cause and Effect (or causation).

Some have interpreted recent findings in the field of quantum physics as denying the law of causality, but I think this is a misinterpretation. What I have read doesn’t say that an effect does not have a cause, it says that a single event can be both a cause and an effect of another event. This, according to quantum theory, is because linear time is not real, therefore a future event can be the cause of a past effect just as easily as it can be the cause of a future one. So if an event seems to be an effect for which no cause can be found, it is possible that the cause simply hasn’t happened yet. Continue reading “Dealing With Causation”