Learn from the Schoolmaster

Schoolmaster, Schoolboys, the Sun and the Light

“Nay, we have it clearly and plainly to be seen in ourselves, and in all things, if we would not be so mad, blind, and self-conceited, and would not be so drawn to and led by a Schoolboy, but is stick close to the Schoolmaster himself, who is the Master of all Masters; for we see indeed that all things spring out of the eternal Mother, and as she is her own birth, so she has generated this world. … but is come to be in a material manner, and is has the Sun attained another Light and Life; which Light and Life is not the wise Master himself, but the wise Master (who is God) he keeps that Light and Life, so that it stands and continues in the eternal Matrix.” ~Jacob Boehme

Schoolboys and the Schoolmaster

It is clear who Boehme is calling the Schoolmaster; God Himself. But who is he referring to as the schoolboy? I don’t think he means any particular individual, but rather anyone who presumes or pretends to speak for God, when he has neither the knowledge or authority to do so. I think we can also add to that group politicians, scientists, economists, and other who strive to lead us away from God and toward complete materialism. The result of listening to the schoolboys instead of the Master are fairly obvious if we just look around: wars, disease, greed, starvation in a world of plenty, children dying of curable diseases, even a promoter of greed as virtue running for President of the United States, and gaining millions of followers!

Boehme is more than correct is advising us to stick close to the Schoolmaster instead. It is understandable that in a world where we have been carefully and systematically trained to block out the higher frequencies that can permit us to communicate with God and the Angels, people don’t recognize this. Nonetheless, the time is overdue to shake our heads, wake up, and turn back toward the truth and wisdom of spirit. We all need to start developing higher levels of consciousness and awakening our spirits and souls while we can. You don’t wait until the rain starts to build an Ark.

The Mother and The Father

OMG, what is wrong with Boehme? Has he left Christianity and become a pagan worshiper of the Earth Goddess? No, he hasn’t. But Boehme, as a spiritually advanced person, recognizes that God is neither male or female, yet is both. There are certain aspects of God that can be considered female, and therefore that aspect of God can be called the Mother. Other aspects make God the Father. He/She is both, and neither because God has no sex.

I think that when Boehme says the Mother created all things, he is saying that he considers the creative part of God to be female, and that seems reasonable to me. When he says that She has “generated this world,” but later adds that it has “come to be in a material manner”, he is saying that God did create the world, but as a spiritual entity, and it later descended into a material world due to the efforts of the fallen angels under Lucifer.

The Sun, The Light, and The master

The part of the quote about the Light and the Sun is confusing, perhaps due to a bad translation. I think what Boehme is trying to say—and what I know to be true—is that there is more than one kind of light. There is the material light that comes form the material sun and the stars. Then there is spiritual Light that comes from the spiritual Sun. And beyond that, Boehme says, there is an even higher Light that God alone hold in the “eternal Matrix”. This is all true. The point of this lesson is that to reach God, and learn from the Schoolmaster instead of the schoolboys, we must turn to the Light of the spiritual sun to raise our own frequencies and awaken higher states of consciousness that can move us ever closer to becoming one with God the Mother/Father of all.

colorful world

It’s a World of Many Colors

“The theory so long held of three primary and four secondary colors is purely exoteric, for since the earliest periods it has been known that there are seven, and not three, primary colors. … Thus, although green can be made by combining blue and yellow, there is also a true or primary green which is not a compound. This can be proven by breaking up the spectrum with a prism. …
“Consciousness, Intelligence, and force are fittingly symbolized by the colors blue, yellow, and red. The therapeutic effects of the colors, moreover, are in harmony with the concept. … It has also been shown that minerals and plants affect the human constitution according to their colors. … According to esoteric philosophy, blue is the true and sacred color of the sun.” ~Manly P. Hall

Primary and Secondary Colors

I don’t think it really maters whether you consider there to be seven primary colors, or three primary and four secondary. It is true, however, that the visible spectrum of light consists of many frequencies and the frequency of orange light, for example, is not the same as what you get by mixing red and yellow. In general, when you mix red and yellow, you still get the frequencies of red and the frequencies of yellow, not the frequencies of orange. It’s as if I asked you for three dimes, and you give me two dimes and two nickles. Yes two nickles are equal in value to a dime, but they still remain different.

Chakras or Force Centers

Chakras or Energy Centers

Chakras or Energy Centers

It is not by coincidence that the force centers of the body, on both the physical and psychic levels, are associated with the seven colors of the rainbow (in Cosolargy, we are taught that there are actually eight centers, the topmost being white). Each force center has a different frequency that corresponds with one of the colors. One of the purposes of spiritual practices is to strengthen and balance these energy centers so they function in balance and harmony and energy flows completely through us energy faculties that are usually dormant, or at least rarely used. One can often tell a lot about a person if you know the condition of her energy centers, or conversely, you can know much about the energy centers if you know his personality type. A very materialistic person is likely to have very strong red and orange centers in the lower body, and much weaker blue and violet centers. A daydreamer who has great dreams, but does little with them, is probably strongest in the blue, indigo, and purple centers. Most people today, however, are weak in all the centers and could stand to increase the energy in all of them. Continue reading “It’s a World of Many Colors”

boundless light, living sun, Heavenly light, Superior Powers Perfect Sun

The Great Sun and the Divine Light of God

“Little would it benefit us if we knew of the existence of sunlight only from reading about it in books, and were incapable to see the light and to enjoy the rays of the sun. What would it serve us if we theoretically knew all about the constitution of the terrestrial sun if we were encompassed by darkness? What good would it do us to be informed about all the qualities of the divine powers of God, if we could not recognize anything divine within ourselves?
“No man can show another the light if the latter is incapable of seeing it; but the light is everywhere; there is nothing to hinder a person from seeing it except his love of darkness.” ~Franz Hartmann1

The Sun and the Light

A blind person cannot see the sun, but can still feel the heat from it and can still benefit from it in many ways. A blind person can also experience many of the negative effects of the sun, such as sunburn or heatstroke. On the other hand, a person who has never been under the sun at all, but knows about it only from reading on the subject, cannot experience any benefits at all.

Mr. Hartmann isn’t talking about the physical sun, however, but the spiritual. This is made obvious when he starts talking about Divine Light and those who live in darkness. There are very few people who literally live in darkness all the time and are never exposed to the physical sun, so that isn’t what he means. The Light he speaks of is spiritual Light, and the darkness is likewise spiritual darkness. You could also say those who have true knowledge (Light) and those who live in ignorance (darkness), and be just as correct. Continue reading “The Great Sun and the Divine Light of God”

perception deception, matter's end electrostatic field Perception

Changing Times, Changing Conditions

“A phenomenon is occurring, which my inner voice has called ‘the Convening,’ and it is a function of frequency-matching. We are beginning to experience the spontaneous materialization of congregations and gatherings. As you dedicate yourself to living as your soul and allowing your personal field to stabilize at that high vibration, other people doing the same thing suddenly appear from your field as if they’re materializing from another dimension. … We look around and find people who are truly on our wavelength—what a pleasant surprise! The Flow which turns out to be the collective consciousness in motion, is moving us all into place to be ready for a new level of coordinated creativity.” ~Penney Peirce

The Times Are Changing

Or as Bob Dylan put it, “the times, they are a changing,” and they definitely are. Some people say that part of what is happening is that old souls from great civilizations of the past, from places like Atlantis and ancient Egypt, are being born into physical form again to aid us. Others say that it is the current circumstances of the world that are allowing greater spiritual development than in previous centuries. Some say it is a combination of these, and more.

The Spiritual Ancients

Some people question the idea that ancient civilizations had spiritually advanced people. They think that since those civilizations disappeared, or were conquered by others, that they could not have been advanced at all. That is simply not true. Just as the death of your physical body does not indicate how strong or how weak your are spiritually, the physical end of a civilization does not indicate that it was spiritually primitive. On the contrary, it is often because they had become spiritually advanced that they made little effort to survive on the lower levels of being.

The World Today

We are all aware, hopefully, that the world today is very violent, materialistic, tribal, and full of people who care only for themselves and their individual families. But that is only one side of the coin. At the same time that some are falling deeper into the pits of matter, others are climbing out and changing conditions are allowing that to happen in greater number and with greater ease. Some of these are called Indigoes, or Crystal Children, others are not even noticed. The planet itself is changing, as well as the entire material universe that is allowing this. The most significant changes for us here on Earth is that the promised Sun of Righteousness has come and shines down upon us now. Do not confuse this sun with the big ball of fire in the sky. The Sun of Righteousness is spiritual, not physical, and those who gaze upon it grow spiritually, unlike the sun-gazers who look at the physical sun and gain some physical benefits, but do noting for their spirits. Continue reading “Changing Times, Changing Conditions”