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“When the alchemists stated that every animate and inanimate thing in the universe contained the seeds of gold, they meant that even the grains of sand possessed a spiritual nature, for gold was the spirit of all things. Concerning these seeds of spiritual gold the following Rosicrucian axiom is significant” ‘A seed is useless and impotent unless it is put in its appropriate matrix.’ Franz Hartmann comments on this axiom with these illuminating words: ‘A soul cannot develop and progress without an appropriate body, because it is the physical body that furnishes the material for its development.’ … Everything which exists has a spirit—the seed of Divinity within itself. … Regeneration actually the unfoldment of the omnipresent Divinity in man, that this Divinity may shine forth as a sun and illuminate all.” ~Manly P. Hall

Seeds of Gold

If you were hoping that Seeds of Gold was something you could buy at your local Nursery and plant in the back yard to grow your own gold, sorry to disappoint you. As usual, when the alchemists spoke of seeds of gold they meant the spirit hidden in all things, just as the true alchemists sought to turn the man of lead (materialist, low consciousness) into a man of gold (spiritual, high consciousness) and not literally change one metal into another. Referring to this spiritual nature as “seeds” seems appropriate to me since, like seeds, they are a potential that can grow into something much greater, just as an acorn can grow into a great oak tree.

Planting and Growing the Seeds

Actually, man is the only being on Earth, or at least the only one with a physical body, that can do anything to awaken those seeds of gold and develop them. I think you could say that the first step of planting the seeds is to recognize that they exist and that we have the ability, with God’s help, to awaken and grow those seeds of gold. One we do that, we can seek out a good spiritual school that can teach us the techniques that awaken those dormant spiritual faculties within us. Then, just as the acorn must be regularly nourished—mostly with water and sunlight—in order to grow gradually into a great tree, we must continue to nourish our spirit and soul with spiritual water and sunlight to keep those seeds of gold growing.

I’m not sure Mr. Hartmann is correct in saying that the soul cannot develop without the physical body, because that seems to give too much importance to the physical and implies that those beings who never had a physical body, such as most angels, cannot develop spiritually. It is true, however, that we do need to awaken and develop those faculties while we still have a physical body. The idea that we can wait until we are physically dead to develop our spiritual self, our Seeds of Gold, makes as much sense as waiting until we find ourselves on a sinking ship to learn to swim.

One final word about seeds. Some plant seeds actually plant themselves by simply being dropped on the ground by the parent plant. Others rely on the wind to carry them to a new home, and still others rely on birds and animals to carry them off and plant them somewhere. Our spiritual seeds of gold work in much the same way. On rare occasion, a person seems to achieve a spiritual awakening without a teacher, school, or community to help (although they may be receiving assistance on a nonphysical level), but most need to be “planted” by getting some guidance from others who have already taken that step. That is why all who reach a certain level of spiritual growth become obligated to aid others to do the same. Not that they see it as a burden, they very much want to help others.

The Illustration

I looked for an image of gold seeds to illustrate this post, but I couldn’t find any I liked. Then I decided to look for one of a golden Phoenix, since the Phoenix is symbolic of the human soul. I found this great one on Fotolia which shows a Phoenix with three gold “seeds” around it. Perfect.

Note: If you wish to use the image, you have to pay Fotolia a small fee for the right to do so.


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