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Scholar: How then will those subsist in the day of the last judgment, who afflict and vex the poor and distressed, and deprive them of their very sweat, necessitating and constraining them by force to submit to their wills, and trample upon them as their footstools? …
Master: Christ suffereth in the persecution of His members. Therefore all the wrong that such hard executors do to the poor wretches under their control is done to Christ Himself; and falleth under His severe sentence and judgment. And besides that by such oppression of the poor the draw them off from Christ and make them seek unlawful ways to fill their bellies. Nay, they work for and with the Devil himself, doing the very same thing which he doth.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Plight of the Poor and Middle Class

The scholar is smart in asking what punishment awaits those who mistreat, steal from, and suppress the rights of poor people. Today, perhaps even more than when Boehme wrote this, we have an institutionalized enslavement of the masses, not just those considered poor. We see people making millions of dollars a year for playing sports, singing, or acting in movies, but people who work hard every day digging ditches, paving roads, putting roofing on houses, and so on, get paid very little. Yet we have people who have the audacity to say that the poor are simply lazy, which implies that the zillionaire CEO of the corporations actually work 500 times as hard as that low-level employee getting paid very little. Yet the employees can do little about it or they will lose their jobs and get even less. We promote work as a virtue—which indeed it is—but ignore the idea that a worker should be paid a fair percentage of what he is earning for the company he works for and not have most of it going to the top.

The Punishment

Mr. Boehme says that when we mistreat the poor, or anyone for that matter, we are. In essence, mistreating Christ for we are all par of the Whole, part of the One, and part of Christ. No one would be stupid enough to try to increase blood circulation to his arms by tying off his legs so they get no blood, but that is what we do when we cut off the flow of life’s bounty to those unable to fight back so that we can hoard it for ourselves. If we have what we need, we should stop seeking more. When we find that we already have more than we need, we should share it with those who have less.

Boehme says those who treat the poor as draft animals or just worthless leaches on society are doing the work of the Devil, and are therefore practicing Satanism, whether they realize it or not. They can call themselves Christians, Jews, Hindus or whatever they wish, but their actions are more important that the lies they tell themselves and if they act as Satanists, they are Satanists. And in the afterlife, the reward for those who aid the devil in his work is, according to Boehme, eternal darkness. Or maybe such people as CEO’s who are robbing their own employers will come back as rats, mice, and bugs to be hunted down by the poor and downtrodden, or eaten by a real fat cat.


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