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The One Road to Spiritual Enlightenment

“It is one of the many indirect testimonies to the objective reality of mysticism that the stages of this road, the psychology of the spiritual ascent, as described to us by different schools of contemplatives, always present practically the same sequences of states. The ‘school for saints’ has never found it necessary to bring its curriculum up to date. The psychologist finds little difficulty, for instance, in reconciling the ‘Degree of Orison’ described by St. Teresa—Recollection, Quiet, Union, Ecstasy, Rapt, the ‘Pain of God’, and the spiritual marriage of the soul—with the four forms of contemplation enumerated by Hugh of St. Victor, or the Sufi’s ‘Seven Stages’ of the souls ascent to God, which began in adoration and end in spiritual marriage. Though each wayfarer may choose different landmarks, it is clear from their comparison that the road is one.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Several people take a walk down a road rarely traveled. Each of them describe the trip in their own terms and based on their own likes and dislikes. One traveler describes himself surrounded by fields of beautiful wildflowers filling the air with a natural perfume. Another talks about seeing many dogs on the road: friendly dogs that he patted and gave treats too (he always carried some in his pockets). A third notes the many farms where industrious farmers were working the fields and milking the cows. Hearing these three describe their trip, you might conclude they had all taken a different road, but they didn’t. They all took the same road, but each noticed different aspects of it, or at least concentrated on a conscious level of different aspects of it. Continue reading “The One Road to Spiritual Enlightenment”

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Arguing is Not Communicating

“Every word spoken without having been thoroughly purged in thought is a stone thrown in the way of esoteric training. And here something must be careful to consider the speaker’s opinion, feeling, and even his prejudice, rather than what we ourselves have to say at the moment on the subject under discussion. In this example, a refined quality of tact is indicated, to the cultivation of which the student must devote his care. He must learn to judge what importance it may have for the other person he opposes. … He must listen to the speaker as carefully and attentively as he possibly can and let his reply derive its form from what he has just heard. … The importance lies not in the difference of our opinions but in discovering … what is right if I contribute something toward it.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Failure to Communicate

What Mr. Steiner says on this subject is good information for both the spiritual student and those who have little interest in the spiritual. Communication experts tell us that when we are having a conversation, even with friends, we tend to not listen to what the other person is saying and instead are spending the time while he is talking thinking about what we should say next. The result is two people talking to each other, arguing, but little actual communication taking place. Worse yet is when we are talking to someone we disagree with. In those cases, we actual try to not listen to what the other person is saying, but concentrate all our effort on how to convince him we are right, and usually failing. Continue reading “Arguing is Not Communicating”

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Rebirth or Awakening of the Soul

“But if the reader be born of God, there is no nearer way for him to come to the knowledge of the third principle, then by considering the new Birth, how the soul is new born by the Love of God in the Light, and how it is translated out of the prison or dungeon of darkness into the Light by a Second Birth. …
“Now the Scripture witnesses throughout, and the newborn man finds is so, that when the Soul is newborn in the Light of God, then … it finds how very humble, meek, courteous, and cheerful it is; it readily bears all manner of crosses and persecutions; it turns the body from out of the way of the wicked; … it is fed by the Word of God.” ~Jacob Boehme

Rebirth of the Soul

The soul is not actually “reborn”, in the sense that we usually mean it because that would mean that the soul was dead prior to this “rebirth”. When we come into the world of matter in a physical body, our soul is not dead, but dormant. It is like it is in a deep coma and unable to function as intended. Sadly, that is the state it remains in for most of us throughout our physical lives, and we die having never awakened it. Still, many believe that it will somehow mysteriously awaken after they have died and head off to heaven having done nothing to earn the right to go there. This is like expecting that if you have a pile of lumber and other material for building a boat in your yard, that you don’t need to bother building the boat, it will automatically build itself when the flood arrives. Sorry, that isn’t going to happen. It is more accurate, I think, to say that the living, but dormant, soul is awakened from a deep sleep and allowed to do its job. Continue reading “Rebirth or Awakening of the Soul”

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The Gold Sun and the Great pearl

Gold of the Sun

“As gold was the symbol of spirit and the base metals represented man’s lower nature, certain alchemists were called ‘miners’ and were pictured with picks and shovels digging into the earth in search of the precious metal—those finer traits of character buried in the earthiness of materiality and ignorance. The diamond concealed in the heart of the black carbon illustrated the same principle. The Illuminati used a pearl hidden in the shell of an oyster at the bottom of the sea to signify spiritual powers. Thus the seeker after truth became a pearl-fisher: he descended into the see of material illusion in search of understanding, termed by the initiates ‘The Pearl of Great Price’.
“When the alchemists stated that every animate and inanimate thing in the universe contained the seeds of gold, they meant that even the grains of sand possessed a spiritual nature, for gold was the spiritual in all things.” ~Manly P. Hall


Much of what was written about alchemists, mystics, and spiritual leaders is in allegory and when we attempt to understand it by a literal interpretation, we come up with nonsense and wonder what was wrong with those people. There were no dragons, in the sense of an actual beast, but as an allegory, they are quite real. There was no physical bird called the Phoenix, but as a symbol of the human soul rising from the dead body, it is real and true. Among the great allegorical symbols used by many of the ancients is the symbolism of gold and the symbolism of the Great Pearl. Continue reading “The Gold Sun and the Great pearl”