attributes of God, part of God

“Thus my beloved seeking and desiring mind, consider yourself, search yourself, and find yourself; you are the similitude, image, essence, and proper portion of God; and as you are, so is the eternal birth in God; for God is a spirit, and the government in your body is also a spirit and that is proceeded and created out of God’s government. For God has manifested himself in the spirit of man, both in love and in anger, both the centers are in it.” ~Jacob Boehme

In His Image

We have all heard the Bible quote that we are created in God’s Image. This is often interpreted as meaning that we look like God, or more accurately, that God looks like us since we can see each other, but not God. This is not an accurate way to interpret the saying.

We were created in God’s Image, but God does not have a physical body so He does not look at all like our physical bodies. God is pure spirit, so the only part of us that looks like God is our soul, not our body.

A Part of God

I like that Boehme has said that our spirits and souls are “a proper portion of God,” and didn’t just say that we are God. Saying that we are God, as some gurus do, is unwise for it gives foolish people the idea that they are infallible and can do whatever they want because they are God. The soul may be a part of God, but the body and the brain-mind is not and the ideas that come from the ego in the brain-mind are not the thoughts of God and are far from being ultimate truth. A cell in the tip of your finger can say that it is you, and in a sense that is true, but when that cell dies and falls off, you still exist, so on a greater level, it is not true. It would be more accurate for the cell to think that it is part of you and it would be more accurate for people to think that their soul, not their body and brain, is part of God, a small part like that tiny cell in your finger. Being a part of God should make you feel important to a degree, but realizing you are just a small part should give you some humility and let some of the hot air our of your ego.

In Love and Anger

The last sentence in the quote is lone that is likely to cause difficulty for many. Some will interpret it as saying that God Himself must be both loving and angry if that is how he manifests in us, but I don’t believe that is what Boehme meant to imply. I believe that what he is saying is that God is manifest in all of us, and in all parts of us: the beautiful and the ugly, the friendly and the mean, the loving and the angry.

The Catch

The catch in all of this is that we are born on the material level of existence with our spiritual faculties in a dormant state. They will stay that way in most of us unless one of two things happen: a dramatic life event happens that causes them to awaken, or we make a deliberate and concerted effort to awaken them. Given the choice, it is almost always better for us to make the effort to awaken our spirit and soul rather than wait for fate to do it, because when fate does it, it is usually unpleasant.


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