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“Some secret orders have taught that the sun was inhabited by a race of creatures with bodies composed of a radiant, spiritual ether not unlike in its constituency to the actual glowing ball of the sun itself. The solar heat had no harmful effect upon them, because their organisms were sufficiently refined and sensitized to harmonize with the sun’s tremendous vibratory rate. These creatures resembled miniature suns, being a little larger than a dinner plate in size, although some of the more powerful are considerably larger. Their color is the golden white light of the sun, and from them emanate four streamers of Vril.” ~Manly P. Hall

Solar Beings

It is curious that Mr. Hall seems to always refer to this solar beings in past tense, as if they have all died or all belief in such beings has disappeared. Neither is true. Solar Beings have not dies off and there are those who believe in them in various forms. Yet, what Mr. Hall says about them is probably not true.

It is certainly true that some of the ancient mystery schools, and even a few modern ones, teach that there are living being in the sun. It is also true that they are very radiant Beings of Light. But the sun does not harm them because they are spiritual beings, not physical ones. Since they are spirits, the physical heat and radiation of the sun does not harm them. As to their size, being spirits they can appear to be as big as a house or as small as an atom. Since they have no physical limitations, the attribute of size doesn’t apply to them at all.

The Good and the Bad

Here is where Mr. Hall and many others get confused: there are actually two types of beings living in the sun. The Sun exists on several levels, several dimensions, primarily the fourth and the fifth. On the fourth dimensional level, the beings that exist within our sun are those we call devils and demons: the bad guys. They are countered by those who live in the higher, more spiritual fifth dimension: angels and Beings of Light. This may sound confusing to many, but the universe is a complex place, far more than most of us realize.

The devils or demons that live in the sun may appear to be light beings, but they are not. They are not even pure spirits, but like us are a mixture of physical and spiritual elements. Which means that they are not truly immortal like a pure spiritual being is, but they do live for quite a long time. Centuries rather than years.

The angels and Beings of Light that are on the fifth dimension are pure spirit and live forever. They try to help us and inspire us to become more spiritual for their interest is purely in saving our souls, not our bodies. They try to communicate with us, but their attempts don’t get through to many because, in a manner of speaking, we are listening on the wrong frequencies. In short, our physical bodies, and the senses in them, can never communicate with pure spirits as they have no common medium to communicate through. The best that can happen is getting vague hints through intuition or dreams. SO if we want to communicate with those fifth-dimension Solar Beings, we must do it with our spiritual faculties and that means we must awaken those dormant faculties within us. Then we too can one day be glowing Solar beings.


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