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communicating mindsI have written on this blog about my belief that human minds communicate with each other regularly, but most of us are not aware of it because it happens on a subconscious level. This article that was recently being shared on Facebook backs up the basic idea of human minds communicating with each other in a scientific study:


In the news this week only two mass shootings. It has nothing to do with guns, we are told, because someone could just as easily drove through a city randomly killing people with rocks. Except, of course, they can’t come up with a single example of when that happened.


Like many others, I don’t agree with the decision of The Huffington Post to change the name of its gay section to “Queer Voices”. Queer has always meant weird, different, and usually not in a good way so I don’t see this as a positive thing. Queer is the bearded lady, the two-headed snake, the guy with backwards feet, not gays.


In good news, I liked the story about the dog groomer who is giving makeovers to senior dogs at shelters to make them more adoptable.


Since I move to Nevada only three years ago, this years presidential caucus was the first one I ever participated in. It was interesting, but with the problems, delays, and general complexity of it, I think I prefer a simple primary.



“Use  all your faculties to appreciate God’s love. Use your soul to understand other souls. Use your body to sympathize with other people’s bodily experiences. Use your emotions of anger and revenge to understand war. Appreciate goodness by distinguishing it from evil.” ~St. Hildegard von Bingen



  • Because of an investigation of corruption, the head of U. S. Navy Intelligence has been prohibited from accessing classified information and all classified documents must be hid when he walks into a room.
  • A city in California is claiming great success with a program that pays chronic criminals a small fee to not commit crimes. They claim that gun-related crime, once a big problem in the town, has dropped 76% since the program started.
  • A shop in Saudi Arabia that was selling bottles of camel urine for treating various medical problems was closed by police. Not for selling camel urine, but because the bottles actually contained the shop-owners urine.
  • A fifteen-year-old kid in Texas got in trouble for picking up a girl having an asthma attack and carrying her to the office of the school nurse while the teacher just waiting for the school nurse to email instructions according to school policy. It is, after all, more important to follow procedure and avoid a lawsuit than it is to save a kids’ life.

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