Worthy or Chosen

The Worthy and the Chosen

“The author of the ‘Clementine Homilies’ is right; the mystery of Christos—now supposed to have been taught by Jesus of Nazareth—’was identical’ with that which from the first had been communicated ‘to those who are worthy’ were those who had been initiated into the mysteries of Gnosis, and who were ‘accounted worthy’ to attain that ‘resurrection from the dead’ in this life … ‘those who knew they could die no more, being equal to the angels as sons of God and sons of the resurrection.’ In other words through personal efforts to live the life and to attain the naturally ensuing spiritual illumination , they were the great adepts of whatever religion; and the words apply to all those who, without being initiates, strive and succeed. … This ‘resurrection’ can never be monopolized by the Christians, but is the spiritual birthright of every human being endowed with soul and spirit.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Being Worthy

There are many different opinions on who are “worthy” to be saved, to be the “chosen people”. The Jews say they are the chosen. Christians, or at least some of them, say only the Christians who accept Jesus can be saved. Simple logic indicates that neither group is correct, or should be. Those who are worthy of being saved are those who make the effort to develop their spiritual faculties and use them in service to God. It doesn’t matter what religion they belong to. They may not even be part of an organized religion, but be merely “spiritual”, as long as they believe in God.

On the other hand, those who join a Church do not, merely by doing so, awaken and develop their spirit and soul. Even attending services, or listening to sermons won’t do it. Each of us must seek to awaken his one spirit, the priest or minister can’t do it for us, and in most modern churches most of the priests and ministers don’t even know how to do this for themselves, let alone help others do it. Likewise, those modern “spiritual” groups that can be found all over social media and elsewhere cannot claim to be the chosen either if all they are teaching is simply morality, ethics, or singing chants.

A Spiritual School

A real spiritual group, spiritual school, or spiritual teacher must teach people that it is necessary to awaken their own spiritual faculties and not just let priests or gurus do it for them, and must then teach them how to do this and provide aid and encouragement along the path to enlightenment. Cosolargy is one such school and community and is the one I belong to and I recommend it highly (click on the name to visit their web site. Note: the site is currently ( February, 2016) being redesigned and has “under construction” pages, please don’t let that discourage you from reading what is there and possibly filling out the contact form or even the spiritual potential quiz.)

where angels dwell

Where Angels Dwell

Where Angels Dwell

“Mark well what I am going to say. Where the will of God in anything willeth, there is God manifested. And in this very manifestation of God the Angels do dwell. But where God in any creature willeth not with the will of that creature, there God is not manifested to it, neither can He be. … There God is an unmanifested God to the creature, so the Angels dwell not with such an one; for wherever they dwell, there is the Glory of God; and they make his Glory. What then dwells in such a creature as this? … There the devil dwelleth; and with him all that is without God, and without Christ. This is the truth; lay it to heart.” ~Jacob Boehme

If you want to catch fish, you go to the sea, not the desert. Even in the sea, however, not all places are good locations for fish. Areas around coral reefs are generally good places to find fish, as well as sponges, crabs, lobster, and so on. Likewise, if you want to contact angels, you will find them in places where God swells, or where God is welcome. And the more welcome God is in a place, the more likely you are to find angels their.

So lets start with the material world. Angels are not material beings so they cannot exist on a totally material plane. Movies and TV shows that have angels on earth in physical bodies may be very entertaining, but are pure fiction. Shows that depict angels with giant bird wings coming out of their backs are equally silly. Angels are not birdmen, they are spirits, and as such, they need no bird wings to help them fly. Angels can, in a sense, be in this world, but at a higher frequency than matter, at a spiritual frequency, at a Godly frequency. So ever if an angel is in the same room with you, if you are not attuned to that higher frequency, you will no more be aware of it than you are aware of the may radio waves of various frequencies that are also in that room. But just as radiation, radio waves, microwaves, and other things that are invisible to you can affect you nonetheless, angels can affect you even when you are not aware of them. Continue reading “Where Angels Dwell”

Ego Consciousness

Finding God and Christ in You

“But as the devil would (in his fiery source [or property]) fly up above the Heart of God, and yet remains still in the four forms in the eternal nature in the darkness, so it is also with blind reason, which sits in the dark, and seeks God in the darkness.
“If you would find Him, seek Him in His source or property, which is everywhere; all is full of God, and He shines in the darkness; God is in your dark heart, though in another principle; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. The Holy Spirit of God is the key in the center: go out from the desire of the flesh, in a true earnest repentance, and put all of your will, reason, and thoughts into the mercy of God; and so the Word of God (viz. His beloved Heart) will get a form in you: and then you stand before the crib where Jesus is born: and then incline yourself towards the Child, and offer him your heart, and Christ will be born in you.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Devil and Darkness

When Boehme says that the Devil can “fly up above the Heart of God”, it should not be taken literally. It is not possible, in a physical sense, to be above the Heart of God, because Gods Heart is everywhere is physical terms, and is the highest of the high is spiritual terms. What Boehme is saying is that no matter how high Satan climbs, no matter how bright he tries to shine, no matter how hard he tries to pretend to be God, he isn’t God and remains the king of darkness. Boehme than gets to the point of this sentence by telling us that blind reason sits in the dark (with the devil) and therefore cannot find God because it is looking for Him in the wrong “place” or, more accurately, on the wrong level, the wrong frequency. Continue reading “Finding God and Christ in You”

Eternal self, Twice Born, Brighter Existence influence on the world

A More Than Ordinary Man

“Man, the highest manifestation of the Absolute as far as this planet is concerned, is a wonderfully organized being—although the average man understands but little of his real nature. He comprises within his physical, mental and spiritual make-up both the highest and the lowest. … In his bones, he manifests almost in the form of mineral life. … The physical life of the body resembles the life of a plant. Many of the physical desires and emotions are akin to those of the lower animals. … Then Man has a set of mental characteristics that are his own, and which are not possessed by the lower animals. … And in addition to the mental faculties common to all men, … there are still higher faculties latent within Man, which when manifested and expressed render Man more than ordinary Man.” ~William Walker Atkinson

More than Ordinary

One can go even beyond what Atkinson says in the first few lines quoted about man being like other life forms in certain ways. I have read that as the human fetus grows from the egg, it spends time in forms that resemble fish and amphibians before becoming mammalian. The part of Atkinson’s statement that I find most interesting is his reference to “mineral life”.

By implying that minerals are living things, Atkinson seems to be supporting the concept that everything is alive, though perhaps on levels that Man’s sciences don’t yet recognize as life. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the subject, which I have covered in depth before, so I will just say that no difference can be found in the atoms of a living being and the atoms of a rock or crystal, so how can one be living and the other not? Minerals are living, the planet is living, the sun, moon and stars are living. Continue reading “A More Than Ordinary Man”