Ego Consciousness

“But as the devil would (in his fiery source [or property]) fly up above the Heart of God, and yet remains still in the four forms in the eternal nature in the darkness, so it is also with blind reason, which sits in the dark, and seeks God in the darkness.
“If you would find Him, seek Him in His source or property, which is everywhere; all is full of God, and He shines in the darkness; God is in your dark heart, though in another principle; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. The Holy Spirit of God is the key in the center: go out from the desire of the flesh, in a true earnest repentance, and put all of your will, reason, and thoughts into the mercy of God; and so the Word of God (viz. His beloved Heart) will get a form in you: and then you stand before the crib where Jesus is born: and then incline yourself towards the Child, and offer him your heart, and Christ will be born in you.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Devil and Darkness

When Boehme says that the Devil can “fly up above the Heart of God”, it should not be taken literally. It is not possible, in a physical sense, to be above the Heart of God, because Gods Heart is everywhere is physical terms, and is the highest of the high is spiritual terms. What Boehme is saying is that no matter how high Satan climbs, no matter how bright he tries to shine, no matter how hard he tries to pretend to be God, he isn’t God and remains the king of darkness. Boehme than gets to the point of this sentence by telling us that blind reason sits in the dark (with the devil) and therefore cannot find God because it is looking for Him in the wrong “place” or, more accurately, on the wrong level, the wrong frequency.

Finding God

Boehme then says that if we want to find God, we must seek Him in “His Source”. He then goes on to say that God is everywhere, everything is full of God. He is even in the dark, and even in the dark (materialistic) hearts of men. This seems to contradict what he previously said about looking in the wrong place, but it isn’t a contradiction at all. Let’s look at an analogy. I have a TV set in my living room. I tune it to CNN: now CNN is in my living room, in a sense. Now I switch to CBS. Where did CNN go? It was in my living room, but now it isn’t. Actually it still is. All the channels are still there, all are in the cable, but with different frequencies. So CNN, CBS, ABC, TNT, USA, and all the others are in my living room all the time, but I use a channel selector to choose which one to display on the screen. Likewise, the essence of God is everywhere and every when because space and time have no

significance to Him or other beings of pure spirit. But God is not in every frequency. The low frequencies of matter do not contain anything of God, yet the higher frequencies of spirit exist in the world of matter, so God does exist on this plane, but only at a higher frequency.

Christ in You (Christ Consciousness)

Finally, Boehme tells us that the “Holy Spirit of God is the key” and we must go out from the desires of flesh and materialistic thoughts and instead seek the Word of God or “His beloved Heart” to find God, truth and wisdom (Gnosis). But how do we do that? Boehme tells us to stand before the crib of Jesus and lean toward “the Child”. Obviously, we can’t literally do that, so it must be allegory. In this case, Jesus, Christ, the Child, and the Heart of God are all allegorical terms for the spiritual sun (as is the burning bush and the pillar or fire in the Bible). It isn’t always necessary to turn to the spiritual sun, but that is the best way to awaken your dormant spirit and soul and come into direct contact with God and other spirits. Boehme knows this since he had his revelation, his awakening, when a reflection of the sun on a pewter bowl struck him in the eye. So turn to the spiritual sun and awaken the Christ with you and achieve Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness.


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