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Is Hell Real?

“Why do not the Souls which are without God feel Hell in this world? I answer, they bear it about with them in their wicked consciences, but they know it not; because the world hath cast them likewise into a sleep, a most fatal sleep. Notwithstanding which it must be owned that the Wicked do frequently feel Hell within them during the time of this mortal life, though they may not apprehend that it is Hell, because of the earthly vanity which cleaveth to them from without, and the sensible pleasures and amusements wherewith they are intoxicated.” ~Jakob Bohme

I find it curious that many who believe in Heaven, do not believe in Hell. A ladder cannot have a top without also having a bottom. A road running north and south must have a southern end and a northern end. In short, if there is a heaven, but we are not in it, then there must be some place that isn’t heaven, and the furthest place from heaven is called Hell.

Now for those who do believe in Hell, there are essentially two views on it. One is that Hell

Charon's ferry to Hell

Charon’s ferry to Hell

is a place completely separate from us here on Earth. You have to get there on Charon’s boat, according to a Greek myth. It is often associated with a place far underground, perhaps due to people seeing red hot lava sprouting from volcanoes. The other version says that there is no particular place called Hades, it is right here and we each make our own hell. So which version is true? The answer is both.

There is a hell and, as is often the case when there are two views of a thing, the truth lies somewhere between the two. Hell is a separate place, but not in the way that we generally thing of it. Hell is a separate dimension that occupies all of the same physical space as this one. What we call Hell is the second dimension and we are in the third of the nine primary dimensions. Here is the thing people don’t generally know about dimensions: the barriers between them are not very strong and can often be breached, especially when going down. This means that it is very easy for us to move down into Hades, much harder to move upward toward Heaven. In fact, the barrier between the second and third dimensions is so thin that we cross over it in both directions all the time and are not aware that we have done so.

It is also true, however, that we create our own hell to a large degree. That is because our thoughts, beliefs, and behavior not only affects the third dimension, it also affects the second. Quantum Physics tells us that the observer alters the observed, and when we observe Hell, and anything trapped in that dimension, we alter it, for better or worse. Our thoughts also form this dimension to a great degree. So if our thoughts tend to be very violent, Hell will be a violent place. If our thoughts are hateful, we will find hatred in Hell. But if we practice being peaceful and loving, even toward those poor beings in Hades, we can change Hell for the better.

But as Bohme correctly points out hell is really about separation from God, the angels, and the spiritual worlds, so if you want to stay away from Hades, you should turn away from that easy, downhill path and start the difficult, but very rewarding, path up the mountain toward Heaven. Then one day, there may be no need for a Hell at all.


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