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Ladder of Spirit

“In the degree that Man realizes the existence of the Indwelling Spirit immanent within his being, so will he rise in the spiritual scale of life. This is what spiritual development means—the recognition, realization, and manifestation of the Spirit within us. Try to remember this last definition—that of spiritual development. It contains the Truth of True Religion. … There are many planes of being … and all depend upon the advancement of beings in the scale, of which scale the lowest point is the grossest matter, the highest being separated only by the thinnest division from the SPIRIT of THE ALL.” ~The Three Initiates

There are a lot of people calling themselves spiritual these days, and a lot of schools claiming to teach spirituality or spiritual development. There seems to be considerable difference, however, in what different people and different schools call spiritual.

Some people think that simply because they have given up on organized religion and the big churches, but still believe in God, that they are spiritual. While a belief in God is certainly important, that alone does not make one spiritual. There are schools that teach noting more than basic meditation methods, or chanting and holding crystals. Calling them spiritual is like calling a person a carpenter because he can use a hammer. Yes, a carpenter needs to know how to use a hammer, but he needs to know a lot more to truly be a carpenter.

The Three Initiates are correct in saying that the truly spiritual person is the one practicing spiritual development regularly. They are correct in thinking that you cannot really label yourself spiritual if you are not actually trying to raise yourself to higher levels of being, and then higher, then even higher. It is a continuous process that doesn’t even end when the physical body dies.

The Three Initiates say that spiritual development is the recognition, realization, and manifestation of Spirit within us. That is true, but rather than manifestation—which to me implies that it is something that was no there before—we say that it is an awakening of the spirit. We have a spirit and soul in us (or around us) when we are born into the physical word, but they are dormant, in a kind of coma. Sometimes, like an unborn baby kicking in the womb, the dormant spirit will still manage to give us a sort of kick and get us to start the work of truly awakening it. This “kick” usually come in the form of a feeling that there is more to life than is found in the material world, and we need to seek elsewhere. It may come through dreams or visions in some of us. However it happens, we should head this call to action and do what we can to awaken the spirit and soul: the true rebirth that Jesus spoke of.

The Three Initiate say there are many levels on the scale of being and the lowest is total materialism, while the highest is nearly one with God (or THE ALL as they prefer to call Him). In Cosolargy, we teach of nine primary levels or dimensions. The lowest is the great void where not even matter can exist. The second level is that of pure matter. The third, the level we live on as physical beings, is mostly matter, but with enough spirit in it that it can be redeemed and returned to the Father. The highest, of course, is the Godhead. You can refer to this dimensional structure as the ladder of spirit, the stairway to heaven, or simply “the Way”, as long as you recognize what it is. Just as the Three Initiates teach in the Kabalion, we teach that it is our spiritual duty and destiny to try to climb from the lower dimensions to the higher ones, one at a time. Usually, we have to do this by “visiting” higher dimensions for a brief time by sending our spirit into them, or by communicating with them on a higher level. First. Of course, we have to awaken our spirit and soul using the Light of the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. So rise up the ladder of spirit, toward a greater (and permanent) life. And don’t forget to reach back to help others do the same.


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