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The Mystery of Music in Mysticism

Mystery of Music

“Mysticism, the most romantic of adventures, from one point of view the art of arts, their source and also their end, finds naturally enough its closest correspondences in the most purely artistic and most deeply significant of all forms of expression. The mystery of music is seldom realized by those who so easily accept its gifts. Yet of all the arts music alone shares with great mystical literature the power of waking in us a response to the life-movement of the universe. … Beethoven heard the very voice of Reality, and little of it escaped when he translated it for our ears. … Of the music of humanity, one is of the body, another of the soul, another is the connection that is between them. Thus the life of the visible and invisible universe consists in a supernal fugue.” ~Evelyn Underhill

There has always been a connection between music and mysticism, and always will be. Great magic and healing powers have been associated with music. The walls of Jericho were brought down by the sound of trumpets. Angels sang at the birth of Jesus. The pied piper used a flute to control rats. It is not by coincidence that most churches and religions include singing, chanting, or instrumental music in many of their services and ceremonies. Continue reading “The Mystery of Music in Mysticism”

Light and light

The Virtue of the Sun

Virtue of the Sun

“For the virtue of the sun, in the elements, tempers all things, so that the essences stand not in such a wrathful source, but are as a pleasant friendly life: as the light out of the second principle (which is the light out of the Word and heart of God the Father) does enlighten the four forms in the center of the angelical spirits, so that they are in their own center friendly, lovely, and very pleasant.” ~Jacob Boehme

It should be obvious that Boehme is not talking about ordinary sun light, but something different, something special. He calls this special light the “virtue of the sun”, and that is, I believe, a good way to put it. This light comes to us from the spiritual sun rather than the physical sun. While the light of the physical sun warms the planet, makes plants grow, and many more things that are essential for physical life, it is the light of the spiritual sun (or Sun of Righteousness) that does the same for the spirit and soul.

Boehme tells us that this light comes from the “Word and Heart of God”, and indeed it does, but the spiritual sun serves as an intermediary between us and that light. Some spiritual teachers say that the spiritual sun is like a window (or portal) between heaven and earth, and that is also true. Continue reading “The Virtue of the Sun”

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Patience and Self-Knowledge are Key

Develop Patience

“Patience has the effect of attraction, impatience the effect of repulsion on the treasures of higher knowledge. In the higher regions of existence nothing can be attained by haste and unrest. Above all things, desires and cravings must be silenced, for these are qualities of the soul before which all higher knowledge shyly withdraws. However precious this knowledge is accounted, the student must not crave it if he wish to attain it. If he wishes to have it for his own sake, he will never attain it. … He must in no case be under any illusion concerning his own self. … He must look his own faults, weaknesses, and unfitness in the face [and work to overcome them]. … Such self-knowledge is, of course, difficult, for the temptation to self-deception is immeasurably great. Anyone making a habit of being truthful with himself opens the portal leading to a deeper insight.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Just as fear often attracts to us the very thing we are afraid of, patience also attracts those things that are most important to us, while impatience pushes them away. This is especially true when it comes to spiritual things. We do have to be careful, however, to not confuse patience and procrastination. Procrastination will not get you anywhere, patience will. The patient person acts, but is patient for results, he doesn’t plant seeds one day and expect fruit trees the next. The patient person carefully carves away at a block of ice to produce a fine ice sculpture, the impatient person blows it apart with dynamite, and the procrastinator sits pondering the best approach to take while the ice melts away and his opportunity is lost. When Mr. Miyagi had The Karate Kid run errands and polish cars, he was teaching patience. And the person who balanced the rocks in the photo couldn’t have done it without patience. Continue reading “Patience and Self-Knowledge are Key”

Trinity of Light

The Trilogy of Man

Trilogy of Man

“Man’s threefold lower nature—consisting of his physical organism, his emotional nature, and his mental faculties—reflects the light of his threefold Divinity and bears witness of it in the physical world. Man’s three bodies are symbolized by an upright; his threefold spiritual nature by an inverted triangle. These two triangles, when united in the form of a six-pointed star, were called by the Jews ‘the Star of David,’ … These triangles symbolize the spiritual and material universes linked together in the constitution of the human creature, who partakes of both Nature and Divinity.” ~Manly P. Hall

In Cosolargy, we also say that man has three bodies, or natures, which we call the physical, the psychic, and the spiritual. Hall says that the lower nature, that is the Earthly man, has within it three natures which he calls the physical, emotional, and mental. That is a valid way of looking at it. He says that spiritual man also has three “natures”, but doesn’t go any further into it, at least not in the section quoted. I think we can say that the physical body equates to the spirit, and the brain/mind on the physical level is equivalent to the soul on the spiritual level. So what about the emotional? Continue reading “The Trilogy of Man”