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Knock on the Spiritual Door

“If you desire to seek, then, knock, that the right door may be opened for you, and seek in the fear and the love of God, and you shall find well enough; let not the calamities of the proud divert you: for if the right door be opened to you, then you shall see how blind they [the clergy] are; their pride has blinded the whole world, so that everyone looks merely at their eloquence, and upon their strange languages, and think they understand very well. Thus they domineer over men’s souls. … Therefore I say still, none should trust their souls with such hypocrites and dissembling men: for the soul stands not in this world, but in the origin of the essence of all essences …” ~Jacob Boehme

To win, you must play the game. To find truth, you musk seek it. For the doors to open to you, you must make the effort to knock on them. This is a simple truth that real religious, mystical, and spiritual teachers have shared with us for thousands of years, but many ignore their words.

Psychiatrists and psychologists say that the first step in curing a mental illness is that the person has to recognize that he has an illness. That may not always be true, but it usually is. Likewise, the person who has what we might consider a spiritual disease must recognize the fact and seek something more if he is to awaken. So Boehme is correct in saying that you must knock if you want the door to open to you. But first you have to see the door, recognize that it is a door, and have a desire to learn what is behind the door. Of course, if you shut you eyes whenever you get anywhere near the door, than claim there is no door because you have never seen it, you have no one to blame but yourself. Fortunately, we live in the age of the Sun of Righteousness, so we are, in a sense, being gently tapped on the shoulder and encouraged to turn around and look at the door. And if the gentle tap doesn’t work, it may turn into a slap to get your attention. Natural or man made catastrophes are sometimes such slaps, and we can avoid more of such by listening to the warning they provide, which is that we must all turn to the spiritual and away from the material.

I said at the beginning of this article that you must play if you are to win the game, but it is more complicated than that. I am writing this a few days after the drawing for the $1.5 billion (U. S) Powerball lottery. I jokingly posted on Facebook that since I can’t buy tickets in Nevada, I could either drive to California (about thirty miles) to get some, or I could simulate the game by flushing money down the toilet while wishing for a genie to jump out of it and grant my wishes. It got only one “Like”. People are caught up in the siren call of money for nothing without realizing there is no such thing: if you get it, you will have to earn it, or lose it. My point is, in order to truly be a winner, you not only have to play the game, but you have to decide which games you want to play in. If I choose to play the Donald Trump game of greed, greed, and even more greed, I am playing a backwards game where those who believe they are the winners, are actually the losers. They are theNot to Play losers because when they die, all that wealth and all those material possessions are gone—and so are they! In the Brilliant movie War Games, the government supercomputer figures out at the end that in the “game” of Thermonuclear war, the only way to win is not to play. In the land of materialism, the only way to win that game is the same. The game we need to win is the spiritual game of awakening our spiritual facilities and saving our souls.

Boehme goes on to warn us about hypocritical clergy who are as blind as the materialist when it comes to real spiritual knowledge. Yet, instead of seeking enlightenment, they try to teach others their own particular brand of blindness, insisting all the time that it is a better form of blindness than that taught by the other blind clergymen. Boehme tells us to not trust out souls to them and he is correct. The only preachers, or spiritual teachers to be trusted are those who seek to help you awaken your inert spiritual faculties so you can learn spiritual truth through direct experience: the only way to do it. So knock on the spiritual door, seek the spiritual light, and awaken to the new Golden Age.


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